Tumbarumba to Talbingo (video at bottom)
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Tumbarumba to Talbingo Dam.


This is an easy track in the dry but can be a bit tricky in the wet. The track starts about 7.8 km out of Tumbarumbe off  the Adelong Road heading to Batlow / Adelong.

Its a fairly winding road and on the first part, you will come across rubber barriers across the track on the uphill sections to divert water off the track when raining. There are a lot of side tracks going off in different directions and I came across a few new ones. Continue straght ahead until you come to the junction of Hardy\'s Road and turn Right.You will come to a track on your right as you head uphill (Bannons Road) Keep Left. Next junction keep Left at (Track on right...Lookout Logging Rd).

You will then come to a track junction on your Right (JDX Road... Paddy\'s Dam), turn Right.This first stop is at Paddy\'s River Dam. this is a beautiful spot to stay for a few days as its green and cool, with good shade trees. There are also toilets, tables and fireplaces.

After leaving Paddy\'s Dam, go back the way you came in and when you reach the main track (JDX Road) turn right. Continue on this track until you get to another junction 1.6 km and turn Right, Road on Left is Back Creek Road.Another .5 km and turn Left onto Batlow (Bullongra Rd).

Continue on untill you come to a junction (Batlow / Haydes old Road / Bullongra Road) Keep Right.

Continue past the old sawmill sight on your Right and 100 meters past sawmill, turn Right onto Stockmans Creek Road.Another junctoin at 2.6 km , turn Right. Another 800 meters  to junction... keep left. Another 5.3 km track junction... turn Left.

You will now come to a track to your Right for Buddong Hut,(s35.64341 e148.22006) turn off on your right (only 75Meters in). After viewing or staying at Buddong Hut, go back to the main track again and rurn right and on for about 2.7 km and you will come to a main junction... Turn Right to Buddong Falls. At Buddong Falls you have a picnic area and you can take the small walk to the actual Buddong Falls by following the track over the small footbridge.

Buddong Falls is also on another of my tracks in thes area. It can be viewed at 

Elliot Way to Talbingo

 Leaving Buddong Falls, go back the way you came untill you come the first track on your Right, Boundry Road, (and follow it all the way to Talbingo Dam. There are a few steep decents on this part of the track with some great views. After crossing the Dam wall, you will come to the Snowy Mountains Highway. From here you can turn Left to go to Tumut or Right to go to Talbingo / Cooma.

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19034 Talbingo is a nice little town. Worth a look. Nissan Patrol Mar 11, 2013
6598 Ford Courier Nov 21, 2009
3981 Toyota Landcruiser