Turon River - Capertee to Sofala
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Turon River - Capertee to Sofala

This is a nice track along the Turon River from Capertee through to Sofola. Enter the track at Turon Gates Road, just north of Capertee and follow the river through to Upper Turon Road in Sofala (included track log finishes at Upper Turon camping ground, however it is a sealed road from this point through to Sofala).

The track requires a 4WD (for about 1/3 of the track), and there are some sections where high range is required. There are several river crossings, the majority with causeways. These rivers do flood and become impassable after persistent rain. Plenty of \'play\' sections along the river where low range can be used.

A large part of the track passes through private land. No permission is needed to use the track as it is a public thoroughfare, however permission may be required to enter some parts off either side of the track. Check signs before entering areas off the main track.

There are private camp grounds along the track that can be booked. Camping is also permitted within the state forest section of the check. Checks maps for specific areas.

Track listed as moderate as there are some steep areas, parts of the track were passing is not possible and a 4WD vehicle is required for part of the track.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
36152 Great easy trip suitable for softroaders my brother's Kluger did it no sweat. Toyota Hilux Nov 22, 2014
41848 Technically pretty easy but really stunning drive. Word is council had condemned most building in Sofala so locals have been forced to move out and place is falling into ruin. Gaol is now closed for food as is cafe. Enjoy while you can. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 25, 2014
47840 from capertee to turon gates is nice and easy,2wd mostly until the last creek crossing before the sofala turn off.it becomes steadily worse but you only need 4wd low for a km or 2 then it opens out with around 6 gates to open. scenery is some off the best ive seen and we found ourselves just stopped in the middle of the road in amazement. plenty of absolute river front camping that is sensational. Nissan Navara Apr 20, 2014
40449 Rough and overgrown. About 10 km is rough the rest two wheel drive friendly. BEWARE-NO OVERTAKING POSSIBLE. We got through fine with our new Subie. Beautiful track Subaru Outback Jul 28, 2013
40449 This was done in a Subaru Liberty Wagon 1999. Scraped the rocks at times. Exciting track though. Love to get back there with new 2013 Subaru Outback. - No 4WD yet May 30, 2013
17917 Did this over Easter long weekend, was concerened it would be too busy, but there is so much river frontage finding a good camp site was no problem. Not challenging, this trek is all about scenery and history. LandRover Defender Mar 30, 2013
38586 Beautiful sunday drive along the river. Nice and easy for a group of mixed ability/experience. Toyota Landcruiser Mar 15, 2013
38043 Left nice and early Sunday morning from Turon National Park to head to Sofala. First part of the trip is pretty smooth running but still had the 4WD in just in case. Alot of nice river crossings that could get very interesting after some rain. Very nice drive throught the "Turon Gates". Things got a bit more interesting after taking th Sofala turn off at the fork. Is a little rocky and quite over grown before coming into the last private property. Keep your eyes open for vehicles coming up the hill. Toyota Landcruiser Feb 18, 2013
19921 Great description. We decided to go from Sofala to Capertee (camp halfway) because we live in Sydney and it was easier to get home on Sunday morning. It was my first time 4WDing, and have to say it was a great track. Only about 1/3 of the track a 4WD is needed, but that 1/3 was great. Really recommend it for someone who has just started 4WD. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 16, 2012
12671 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 31, 2012
27390 Did part of the track into Turon camp across a couple of river crossings. Very little water flow but very nice part of the world. Camp grounds look good too. Road condition was pretty good. Bit hairy driving out on dusk with few steep sections and roo's and wombats to look out for. Next trip will be whole day to explore more and camp overnight. Ford Ranger May 21, 2012
22793 Toyota 4Runner Oct 15, 2011