Upper jamieson Hut track
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Upper jamieson Hut is a short sharp descent to the Jamieson River charactersied by a muddy black soil/clay base which turns to slop at the slightest hint of moisture .  It is primarily in shade because the sun doesn not get to it to dry it out except in the warmer months and is covered by overhanging trees.   The track is one way in and out.  the river crossing itself can be tricky in high flow.  steering to the right as of March 2011 will avoid some large rocks in the middle and minimise the chances of diff damage.

There is a bog hole 50 metres after the crossing.  the hut itself is in good condition and the track ends here.  minimal firewood available. The climb in the wet can be dangerous and a locker and aggressive tyres would be a definite advantage.  

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
10203 Nice camping spot. Great hut. Beautiful river. Nice little climb out. Toyota Hilux Apr 5, 2010