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Track Description

W12 TK runs from the intersection of Boola Boola Tk/Pipeline Tk and the Tyers/Walhalla Rd, It's an easy track but has one very tricky river crossing, if not inspected before attempting could end in disaster, this track is only about 15 minutes from Morwell, also has some interesting veiws. As of 2012 the river crossing has now been replaced by a concrete bridge, only those that did the original river crossing would know how good it was.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
36771 Nice cruisy track, the crossing is pretty deep for this time of year-past the side steps of the 80 with a 2 inch lift! Maybe that's why they've started building a bridge accross it... Toyota Landcruiser Jan 10, 2013
14375 Nissan Patrol Dec 23, 2010
14375 Nissan Patrol Dec 23, 2010
6804 not too bad. get some great suspension travel into the crossing. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 23, 2009
1659 Done this track a few times with Grumpy. No troubles at all with the 80 Series, but thats expected from a Toyota! Be careful at the creek crossing, you could easlily end up on your side in not careful. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 10, 2009