Wallers Road
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Track Description
Wallers road leads into the Millers Road track we posted a while back.  Great track just after a bit of rain - watch out for some of the "puddles" as they can be deceptively deep.  Track has not been graded recently, so still has some fun bits.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
43885 Had a reasonable run until slipping sideways and winching out. CV let go at some point as well. Otherwise good track. Nissan Navara Feb 15, 2015
38082 Had a look late this afternoon. Had a good pour down just before getting there. Ruts are deep and very slippery clay. Not today. Will come be back when dry. Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 29, 2014
54684 Great area take a hole day to explore worth it. Mazda BT-50 Dec 27, 2014
42457 Took the right hand track at the 3 way split. Might do the centre track next time. A bit more to explore but only got there around mid day. Toyota FJ Cruiser Oct 5, 2014
51367 Nice little drive, entrance at wallers road was a bit technical Toyota Hilux Sep 6, 2014
51367 Sorry still learning how to use this site. But yes the entrance was fairly steep and required some good wheel placement and got up after a bit of an air down from the highway drive. A few waterholes along the ridge lines that are easy to avoid with the chicken tracks/just drive around it. I took a right turn onto logans road which gave me an earlier than expected exit from the tracks and ended up coming out near the jail but didn't want to back track up onto the mountain again so just left. I will definitely be back to check out the other tracks. Toyota Hilux Sep 6, 2014
40380 entry is getting quite bumpy not for soft roaders anymore Toyota Hilux Surf May 30, 2013
23474 Pretty good fun. There are few sections along this that may be considered moderate as a soft-roader with H/T's won't make it. Good intro to 4x4ing to the missus in the NK Pajero. Continued on to the Millers Rd track after this. LandRover Discovery Aug 31, 2012
513 The Tracks in the area are closed because of water damage from the 2011 flood and now have close signs everywhere. The entry has now been graded and a 2 wheel drive can drive up it Mitsubishi Challenger Aug 14, 2011
513 Wallers Road entry is rough, we came down it today and would be interesting driving up it. Presently it is a moderate track until you get up onto the flat then it is easy Toyota Prado Jul 24, 2010