Warburton - Burns Track
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Long muddy track that runs off Summer Spur Tack. Travelled along this one for about 2km before coming to a spot that I didn't even try to attempt in the 02 Paj with all terrains. Most of the track is medium because of the slippery clay. I would only try this one if you have good mud terrains and a winch. The map shows this track goes all the way to Mt Bride Road and is about 10 km long. I cant tell you whats beyond the big bog holes though.

Track Logs
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46910 This is good fun track and completed the whole track without any issues. The track consists of ruts and bog holes, all of which were easy for 2 cruisers with 2" lift and 33" muddies except for a relatively long but deep and rutted bog with a half decent rock sticking right out into the left hand side rut which gave the scrub bars a nice wack but no damage done. if you keep your momentum steady and have decent lift and tyres you'll be able to pass this section of the track. A stock standard 4wd may have issues, especially after a bit of rain. After this section it's the same as the beginning of the track, ruts and bog holes which is not too challenging, just fun to drive! Toyota Landcruiser Mar 23, 2014