Warburton East - Braham Track
About the Track
Track Description

Starting from the bottom (off Braham Road) the track has a steady climb. The track is not that difficult. It does have some good washouts dug into it which require good vehicle placement as you approach them..  This is where a bit of lift and good tyres come in handy.. The end of this climb gets a little steeper then the start but nothing drastic.

Across the top of the track you come across some mud during the wetter months of the year (or after a good bit of rain during the dry months). These could cause some issues if you are only running AT\'s.


At the top of the track you join onto the BS Fireline.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
32107 Done on dirt bike. Track in good nick for the climb up, few decent and thick bog holes up the top. lesser driven tracks either side of the bog holes. Boggy areas on BS fireline still pretty deep and long. Bottom of BS fireline is real slippery! - No 4WD yet Aug 25, 2012
21625 B/S fireline boghole is now very deep and requires minimum 33's and winch Nissan Patrol Mar 5, 2012
22218 Nissan Patrol Sep 15, 2011
11056 Nissan Patrol Jul 30, 2011
10203 Went down and back up in the rain. Toyota Hilux Feb 5, 2011