About the Track
Track Description

Track through Watagan State Forest starting from Watagan Creek Road, through some farmland onto a rougher (but still easy track), then along Old Mill Road and New Mill Road. Both of these roads have heavily rutted sections and bog holes. The hardest sections would be classed as very difficult but can be driven around where it would only be moderate to difficult. Definitely recommend dry only Finishes with an easy run along Watagan Forest Road.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
58685 Pleasant enough drive possible even in an AWD with careful rut avoidance but the bridge is now partially collapsed and won't fit a vehicle , though dirt bike no problem. this track now longer connects to the east for 4WD vehicles. LandRover Defender May 10, 2015
53749 Watagan Creek rd upstream of the hairpin has a few boulders on the road, but passable and moderate 4x4 conditions with local farmers claim this section is closed due to a bridge collapse. Rest of this track is easy. Mitsubishi Challenger Nov 1, 2014
41671 Great track. I did chicken out on the Old Mill Road, but Heatons lookout is outstanding. Nissan Patrol Feb 9, 2014
36231 Did this run on the 3.11.13. The portion off the main track is becoming a little over grown. Good and run. Watch for oncoming traffic on the blind corners. Toyota Hilux Nov 3, 2013
26113 Lots of wet and sticky clay Nissan Xtrail Dec 1, 2012