Wesburn - Justice Track
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To get to this a track head to Warby. As you come through Wesburn turn right onto Britannia Creek Road. Follow For about 8 Km\'s.
The entrance to the track has two ominous looking water holes. This should not put you off but act as a warning as to what is further on.
About 400 meters in you come across another larger mud hole. This one has ruts leading into it. It looks tough but the bottom is quit solid and with a 2\" lift and 33\'s it should pose no problems. (2\" lift with 30\'s was just enough to get stuck and have to use the winch.)  The Climb then starts after a sharp left. There are some good wash-away ruts to get past but this can be done with out too much arse puckering. Once you get to the top which is a good steady climb for about 1km there is a Y intersection. Off to the right I think is a dead end  (went about 300m\'s in and decided that I would go back.) The left track is the continuation of Justice Track. From this point the track goes down.
Is it a nice bit of track for about 150m\'s then it goes left where the wash-away ruts return (this is where the track started to look tricky.) I crawled my way down the 100m\'s to the flat only to find that the ruts didn\'t really stop. At this point I thought it be wise to get out and see what I was getting myself into. The ruts where about two foot deep with slippery ground on the high sides. they traveled around a nice cambered left bend to one of the widest longest looking bog holes I have seen out in these areas for a while. At this point I figured that the turn back option was looking good.
I talked to a few fellow 4wders that I passed along the way and they informed me that there where two or three more bog holes after the one that I turned around at which where much the same, doable if you have the lift and tyres.

I have listed this as difficult as it take a bit of experience and knowledge of your 4wd\'s capabilities. and because I think you would need at least a 2\" lift, 33\'s and good AT/Mud tyres to get through with out needing to use a winch. Also along the way I passed what was left of someones CV on the side of the track.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
35467 Mitsubishi Triton Oct 20, 2013
25711 Nissan Navara Feb 25, 2012
10155 woul class as moderate..it has been graded Nissan Patrol Feb 4, 2012