Wesburn - Ellis Track
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This track should only be attempted in a 4X4 with live axles, high clearance and a min of 35's, enter off Tarrango Rd. Three quarters of the way up this track is a steep section that has numerous boulders to negotiate.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
45094 The Rangie took it no problem. LandRover Range Rover Dec 24, 2013
26110 Attempted this track in the wet in 2 x twin locked Landcruiser 80s, a front locked GQ and an unlocked Pajero with tyre sizes from 32"-35" (Simexes and BFG KM2s). This track is very very difficult in the wet, and is virtually impassable without winching. My guess is that even with 37s you'd spend all day winching - it's incredibly slippery. Some of the angles are pretty uncomfortable and there is a very real risk of rolling. We turned back after getting about halfway up, having already spent 7 hours on the track, and only got off the track around 10pm for a total of about 10 hours. Wouldn't recommend Ellis in the wet to anybody, irrespective of truck setup. However, we also did the track at the end of summer and it was good fun then. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 16, 2013
26110 We did this track going uphill in a GQ Patrol diesel (6" lift, 35" Simexes, twin locked, winch), petrol 80 series (4" lift, 33" Simexes, no lockers, winch) and diesel 80 series (2" lift, 33" BFGs, twin locked, winch) and had a great day. This track is not for the faint hearted! It wasn't very wet because there wasn't much rain but it was pretty challenging as in. All the trucks copped damage to sliders, sills, nudge bars, flares etc. It's pretty rocky, so it is essential that atleast one truck in the convoy has a winch. The petrol 80 series made it up all but one hard section unassisted even without lockers (but with the benefit of Simexes). There are chicken tracks around most hard bits though. Don't do this track if you're worried about panel damage. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 13, 2013
39493 Very muddy and rocky. Winched 12 times to get to the top. Quite dangerous and hard to turn around. I wouldn't attempt this again in the wet without lockers or 35s. Nissan Patrol Nov 17, 2012
25950 Used a Stock 2007 Land Rover Discovery 3 with Cooper STT - rain had fell in previous days but not on this day, light mud and rock. We started the track late in the day as a "last track cut through to the pub" Soon found it was rather specialist to say the least, Disco happily popped it self up into extended lift mode on the air suspension to get over some of the bigger obstacles but as light was fading fast and full family in the car I was taking no chances so chose the noble option of turning around (hard to do this on this track BTW) about half way up and coming out in one piece over what I knew was there using headlights to see. The D3 dow has a few new tatoos underneath ;-) - I will return one day soon with a full day of light to use a range of technical skill to complete this track. Traveled this time with a lifted Nisan Patrol which also grounded but conquored too. This Track is Not for the faint hearted. LandRover Discovery Apr 6, 2012
26047 Completed it in fairly dry conditions going the opposite way (descending rather than ascending). 2 vehicles: Landcruiser and Terrano. Nissan Terrano Feb 19, 2012
10155 Nissan Patrol Feb 4, 2012
4943 Took nearly 2 hours to get 3 vehicles up after a bit of rain the night befor. Big rocks to climb over deep ruts red clay and steps. Had a lot of fun. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 2, 2009
3033 We took 3 vehicles up (80 series, 40 series and a Patrol). Took a while, but we had heaps of fun. Took a bit of damage - busted a side step on the 80 (it was already rusted) and a dent in the rear quarter panel of the Patrol. Excellent track for anyone looking for a bit of a challenge. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 27, 2008
2696 Winch, lift and muddies are a must. went up on a day where it had 50mm of rain over night. got about half way up on all terrains that only had 4mm of tread. Would of gone further with muddies. Could of winched it up but my track buddy didnt have a winch so i didnt wanna leave him behind. Jeep Wrangler Dec 13, 2008
648 Slippery orange clay, boulders can be a bit tricky. Nissan Patrol Jun 22, 2008