West Alligator Head Track
About the Track
Track Description

Very easy almost flat track in good condition off the Arnhem Highway west of the Aurora Hotel in Kakadu NP. About 72 klm from the highway. Some sandy sections which could bog a two wheel drive. No drinking water so take your own. No fuel. Have to be self contained. Incredible place where the West Alligator River meets the sea. Great camping next to beach with low fence around it as it is crocodile area. They often sun themselves along the sand with Flatback Turtles as well. Pristine white sand, clear blue water. Peaceful as not a well known area of Kakadu. Great bird watching. some relics of past settlement. Great fishing. Watch that the track is not closed during the wet as the Arnhem Highway can get flooded. Bring rubbish back with you.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47488 seen a croc at the 2 mile billabong Toyota Landcruiser Jun 22, 2015
20106 Daihatsu Scat Jun 1, 2011