Wheelbarrow Ridge/Colo River
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Track Description

Went out for an easy run on some dirt roads around Colo. Wheelbarrow Ridge Road, Wheelbarrow Ridge Track and then on to Lower Colo Road through to Upper Colo Road. In the dry this would be a super easy half day trek. Ideal for AWD and/or beginners. Chances are you won't even engage 4x4 if it's dry.

When I did it Colo River was in flood so was a different story.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
38059 Easy one to do with family Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 27, 2013
42277 Very easy trail. More for bicycle than 4wd. no need to low range or high clearance car. AWD with decent clearance are suitable for this trail. Nissan Navara Aug 3, 2013
41572 Combined this with a few other trails for a solo trek. Some great scenery but in the dry barely got out of 2WD. Mitsubishi Challenger Jul 28, 2013
37522 I did this trip from Webbs creek ferry to Putty road via wheelbarrow ridge track. Nice easy drive. Watch out for the morning fog as visibility can be <2 meters on the track. Nissan Xtrail Mar 16, 2013