Windsor - Zig Zag - Glow Worm - Newnes
About the Track
Track Description

Fairly extensvie GPS track log starting at Windsor and proceeding via the Zig Zag Railway to the Glow-Worm Tunnel, then via Blackfellows Hand Trail and several other to a lookout over the Wolgan Valley. From there it takes you down into the valley itself, all the way to Newnes Campground and the old Oil Shale Refinery. Coming back we take an alternate track across the Newnes Plateau, through several scenic gorges and ridges until we meet back up and the Bungleboori campground and proceed back to Zig-Zag and home.


Can be done in a single day, although it is best done over a weekend with a camp at the Newnes campground, a brilliant little spot near the river with plenty of rough tracks to explore. Canyons, bushwalking, historic sites surround the campground. On the logging and firetrails of the Newnes plateau, there are plenty of wild animlas to see, breathtaking scenery and a few challenging ascents/descents once you get off the logging trails.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47243 went out for a hit was very muddy an sloppy as it was raining had heaps of fun Toyota Landcruiser Feb 14, 2015
48234 Very wet which made even the potholed forestry roads interesting. Side tracks great fun, some puddles up to the door sills. MUX went very well. Isuzu Mu Aug 23, 2014
36752 Holden Colorado Jan 3, 2014
40887 LandRover Discovery Jul 9, 2013
12194 Great Drive. Ford Courier Apr 25, 2013
18716 did track and it was in good condition, very easy in stock disco 4 with HT tyres. plenty pot holes, but fun none the less LandRover Discovery Apr 25, 2013
19277 Track very dry. Enough potholes to keep your driving attention. Scenic. Plenty of motorbikes near zigzag. LandRover Discovery Mar 29, 2013
34887 An easy drive. Would be nice to use the alternate routes there and back and make a weekend out of it! Mitsubishi Triton Feb 6, 2013
34887 An easy drive. Would be nice to use the alternate routes there and back and make a weekend out of it! Mitsubishi Triton Feb 6, 2013
26098 Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 22, 2013
14189 Nissan Navara Dec 30, 2012
12671 Nice easy drive Toyota Landcruiser Nov 1, 2012
34738 nice place to visit. Will be back again Great Wall x200 Sep 29, 2012
34536 Nissan Patrol Sep 27, 2012
26098 did most of this track log harest ws end of black fellow hand rd will go up to newnes Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 12, 2012
29186 Loved this track! Glad we took the Disco and Not the X-trail as we came across some loverly deep mud where soft roaders where turning back. Our little boy loved the Glow Worms and talked about them for days at day care. Amazing track. We will be back to here soon! LandRover Discovery May 26, 2012
27088 Hyundai Tucson Apr 13, 2012
22793 We did this trip over two days great camp over at th gardens of stone Toyota 4Runner Oct 15, 2011
48052 Toyota Hilux May 19, 2011
14291 Nissan Pathfinder Dec 13, 2010
13257 Mazda Tribute May 27, 2010