Wolgan Valley-Newnes
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Lovely trip with many possibilities.

4x4 needed after rain and road rough in places. Completed in Subaru Outback no problems.
Amazing views of second widest valley in the world and close to Blue Mountains.

Entrance is at Lidsdale. Continue on sealed Wolgan Valley Road before it becomes dirt and after a steep incline down into the valley. Not far past the Newnes pub veer right to attempt river crossing to Shale Works. This crossing is sandy and recommended for 4x4's. Have not attempted in Subaru but think i would make it. Tell me what you think in the comments area below. You can also continue past the river crossing (ford) and not crossing it for another couple of hundred metres before crossing a usually dry creek bed and then coming out of the creek into a beautiful open campsite underneath the end of the valley. This is all a dead end.


This trip can be done in one day but little exploring with be available in such a small amount of time. I recommend you stay for a couple of nights out under the stars and explore this amazing area so close to Sydney.

You should have no problems in 2x4 cars until Newnes were its pretty much the end of the valley. If you do won't to continue driving across the rivers and trek further into the Newnes State Forest a 4x4 is strongly recommended.


PS: I say this track is EASY. And until Newnes it is EASY. Although I rate the River Crossing MODERATE. Even though I haven't crossed it yet.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
58716 Lovely area, highly recommend camping here. All doable in a 2wd even after wet weather except for the river crossing at Newnes. Jeep Cherokee Apr 5, 2015
40449 Great place! Subaru Outback Dec 22, 2014
14189 Nissan Navara Nov 26, 2013
35123 Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 2, 2013
35123 Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 2, 2013