Wonsons Fire Trail
About the Track
Track Description

This track has two main entry points along drapers road,these entry's have gates that are sometimes locked, however there are other entrances that can be muddy and tricky for a vehicle without the right tires or lift, but has been done in a stock vehicle, the main track is currently marked with pink tape by the RFS, however there are lots of tracks branching off and some nice creek crossings along the way. Also a nice lookout in one place.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
60277 First entrance is 100m from the overpass, second is further down the road and around the corner, though that entrance is mud and water and would only recommend that for the way out. Good beginners track, when you go in through the first gate as I did, there is a river crossing to the right, be careful on the way out, I hit the thread on my towball twice. As stated, the fire trail is marked in pink ribbon, I never made it all the way to the end and we were driving for a good three hours. If you follow the track towards what looks like a way out on the GPS, it indicates a road that is inaccessible from the track, however, heading towards that road gives a real nice and challenging, river straight to a rock climb up the escarpment. ( I did this in a stock hilux with no issues). I would say that if you are new to it all, as I am, this is a perfect starter track, I enjoyed it and will be going back in the next fortnight or so to see how far the trail really goes. Toyota Hilux Aug 2, 2015