Yengo National Park Aboriginal Sites
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This is a great track for a weekend away from Sydney. We took the F3 up from Sydney but you could easily go via Wisemans and St Albans past Mogo Campsite to Buckety, the dirt roads pretty good and you can do it in a 2wd vehicle.

The main highlights of the trip are two Aboriginal sites at Burragurra and Finchley. Burragurra is at the south at the end of a 4wd only track and sits on top of a dome of rock with fantastic views over towards Mount Yengo. The road south isn\'t too bad with a few washouts (didn\'t need to use low 4wd) and a soft roader should be able to make it without problem.

If you want to camp, the campground at Finchley is pretty with a toilet though the main campground is inaccessible to camping trailers. We saw a beautiful Goanna in the campsite and on a Saturday night there were only a couple other people camping.

 Finchley trig close to the campsite offers great view over Yengo NP to Mount Yengo and far beyond towards the mountains near Newnes which is over 100km!

 There are a couple of route options, firstly you can make a loop by driving up Yango Creek Road to the east after visiting Burragurra and secondly you can join Howes track (Near Finchley Campsite) and head towards Putty.

 One for next time I think.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
40449 Great day out to the Aboriginal Site and a good short and scenic track to the site, although steep. Great views and even after the rain easy all round with some steep sections. Pushing it a bit in a 2WD but possible out to the lookout. Great day out, would recommend, Subaru Outback Dec 22, 2014
44451 Very nice and easy going track. Detoured to this track then to Swansea Beach. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Nov 18, 2013
26480 Do this track for the fantastic sites and less so for the difficulty of it. Well worth a try. - No 4WD yet Jul 2, 2013
14189 Drove from Wisemans Ferry up, finishing with Howes Valley Track onto Putty Rd. Views from the lookout are great! Nissan Navara Mar 29, 2013
28433 Toyota 4Runner Apr 28, 2012
13822 Did this track starting at Laguna then ending at Putty Rd. Great views at Finchley and was a nice easy day. Creek at Howes was flowing after the week of rain we had, but again wasn't too difficult. Would recommend A/T's when wet. Follow this track with Sheepskin Hut for a full day. Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 27, 2011
23766 Rushed day trip with relos from England. Trip was: Wisemans Ferry, through Spencer, and followed Wisemans Ferry Road through to George Downes Drive. Although not off-road, lunch at Mangrove Creek Dam (lookout) - Great view over the dam with very good & clean facilities. Travelled Yango Creek Road to Big Yango via the usual tracks. Recently graded so a very smooth ride (2WD friendly - although slippery in the wet). Finchley lookout a must! Howes Trail through to Putty Road a good fun easy ride. It had been raining so a little slippery (low range on some steeper parts). Great day trip if you kick off at Wisemans Ferry 9am (good coffee at the kiosk at the Ferry as well!!!) But try getting our English relos out of bed that early!?!?!?! Jeep Grand Cherokee Nov 21, 2011
16649 Easy track and awesome sites at the Aboriginal site. Just can't imagine people sleeping in an upright manner like that. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 28, 2010
11580 From Wisemans Ferry up Great old North Road then Down to aboriginal sites, then finished at Putty Road. suitable for soft roaders with a few rutts etc but a nice drive. Toyota Hilux Dec 26, 2010
11451 Nice drive Toyota Hilux Oct 28, 2010
11304 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 16, 2010
6487 nice track 2wd most of the way Nissan Patrol Oct 25, 2009
5020 Do this soon Suzuki Grand Vitara Sep 13, 2009
5712 Toyota Prado Aug 27, 2009
4013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jun 14, 2009
4631 Ford Explorer May 31, 2009
12401 came in through wisemans, I think the way you went would have been quicker to get there Toyota Landcruiser Aug 10, 2006
5367 Toyota Landcruiser