Yuraygir National Park
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Track Description

Boshes Waterhole road is mentioned on the local tourist map but it is out of date. The loop track it points too is closed and you end up on Candole Forest Road. This track is not for the light hearted as there are some of the best tracks on Candole Forest Road. There are chicken tracks to get around the fun stuff but I have added some photos of the mud and hill climbs. There are heaps of tracks disappearing into the park and sadly enough, I can't find any maps for them. Some local 4wd club in Grafton area may have a good GPS mapping as the forestry doesn't have one for the public or tourist information centres.

The GPS plot is missing an area but you can see the road I followed on Google Earth or maps.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
46673 Great track. Very dry ATM. When wet, can be VERY boggy and muddy in the lower swamp area. Steer clear if you're alone. Great steep bits. Nice views. Daihatsu Rocky Jan 1, 2014
10170 Mitsubishi Pajero