75Mile Beach to Kingfisher via Lake Wabby Lookout
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Track Description

Head West from 75Mile Beach via Cornwells Break Road (6km North of Eurong). Stop off at the Stonetool Sandblow Lookout and Lake Wabby Lookout. Continue west across teh top of teh island to Kingfisher Resort. Kick the kids out and grab a coffee from the shops! Entrance & Exit to Kingfisher is steep and can be busy. Watch out for the Tourist Bus...

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
130 Watch the exit off 75 mile beach. It was very dug up with deep soft sand on the day we visited requiring further airing down and a good run up off the beach. Nissan Patrol Apr 6, 2014
48446 The track was rough as guts and very powdery due to 5-6 months without any rain. Best to make this trip after Fraser has had a wet season. Although we didn't get bogged there were plenty of people who did. Nissan Terrano Oct 13, 2013
36152 Plan your trip to align with tides. FYI if you the low tide is 6-7am best time to be driving on the beach (widest expanse of firm sand) is 4-9am, early starts. Toyota Hilux Jul 24, 2011
37329 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 1, 2006