Ambler Lane
About the Track
Track Description

Amblers Trk runs north from O\'Briens Rd to Chettle Rd then continues north ending on the out skirts of Trentham.

Amblers Trk features an easy start progressing to periods of steep decent to the creek and camping area.  Exiting the camping area continuing north the track climbs steeply with some washouts but levelling off closer to Chettle Rd.

Amblers Trk should be traversed by low range vehicles only.  HT tyres are appropriate for dry conditions only.  With heavy rain, Amblers turns into an almost Double Diamond track with very slippery clay, very soft deep edges which will necessitate recovery.  A LC and Pajero with camper trailers could not get out after a day of heavy rain requiring a tractor to recovery them.

The camping area is quite, situated adjacent to the creek and a good three meters above creek level.  There are two purpose built fire/bbq facilities but no toilets.  The creek was about 200mm deep after a week of no rain in December.  It\'s approximately 15metres wide providing a great opportunity for beginners to traverse a waterway.  The base is smooth rock.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52794 very easy Toyota Hilux May 17, 2015
57078 Walk in the park. Would be a double diamond in the wet though. LandRover Freelander Mar 27, 2015
57078 Good beginners track in the dry. Dry crossing at the camp ground. HT Tyres and no mods. LandRover Discovery Mar 16, 2015
44845 Fun track, easy to do, very dry/dusty, the creek was shallow. a couple of good hill climbs and great scenery. Standard Jeep GC with road tyres. Jeep Grand Cherokee Nov 15, 2014
49606 Did this in the dry in the D40 with 2" Lift and 32" Muddies no problems at all but was some good hill climbes. The river/creek was very shallow but was good for some photos :) Nissan Navara Nov 12, 2014
47222 Good easy fun in the dry. Would be a challenge in the wet. The bottom of the ford across the Lerderderg River is very smooth, but dry as a bone in summer. LandRover Freelander 2 Mar 28, 2014
14393 Easy and very dusty but still fun Toyota Landcruiser Jan 28, 2013
36969 Some fun for my first 4wd track, easy enough with AT's would be different in the wet Nissan Patrol Jan 5, 2013
25943 Fun too explore with the kids. some rutting, but all good. just make sure your tires are up to the job. Nissan Pathfinder Oct 6, 2012
25971 All stock, no modifications. Good little track with some good inclines and declines especially right after the camp sites. Only used 4Low when going down some of the declines. Jeep Grand Cherokee May 22, 2012
26523 Done this track on the 25/3/12, was easy being dry but would be a challenge if wet. Nice camp spot at the river. Nissan Patrol Apr 2, 2012
20062 Easy enough , cool little ford at the bottom near the camp site. Toyota 4Runner Mar 31, 2012
5249 Done it 25 feb 2012 easy in the dry Isuzu D Max Mar 3, 2012
18361 Nissan Navara Jun 13, 2011
17105 Dry track with a nice river crossing a must do track for beginners LandRover Discovery Mar 21, 2011
14393 This was closed on the 22/01/2011 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 22, 2011
11056 Not Hard at all Nissan Patrol May 3, 2010
10413 not to hard in the dry Toyota Landcruiser May 2, 2010
6015 Its just a road Nissan Patrol May 2, 2010