Maddens plains coalcliff dam
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Grew up 4wding here, very large area to explore, all sorts of fun driving. There is a big dam in the middle of it with a very muddy track behind it which we have been bogged in several times, there are steep rutted out hills, steep rock climbs, an old empty dam that has turned into a swamp which is fun to fang around in. In general a very large area which is fun to explore with lots of tracks everywhere, can easily spend a whole day there exploring.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
42048 Track is now closed with big boulders and concrete blocks plus bulldozers have made mounds and trenches across entry track. Not surprised as last week I went in there was three burnt out cars all within 100m of the entrance. Another great local spot lost. Holden Rodeo Jul 31, 2013
41244 Nissan Navara Jul 3, 2013
37275 We did the whole track early this year - it is easy to moderate - damage report - rear bar is now touching the rear quarter of my ute Nissan Navara May 24, 2013
38673 Went in for a few hours yesterday. Some dickheads have left a pile of household rubbish and a burnt out VE ute just off to the left of the entrance. easy enough to get around though and proceeded to have a lot of fun in the various waterholes there. Holden Colorado Mar 17, 2013
36937 Good morning out, heaps of variety , bit dry but was still awesome, tracks of all grades. Volkswagon 4wd Jan 4, 2013
30234 went out with my mate, very good track, heaps to explore .. some hard track (for me) huge area, will be more next time Toyota Landcruiser Jul 27, 2012
28680 Jeep Wrangler May 30, 2012
14707 Went out for a couple of hours exploring the tracks. Some were too much for the Outlander so I gave those a miss. Hand a blast seeing what it could do. Mitsubishi Outlander May 6, 2012
25104 spent the day exploring, had a grate time lots of tracks to explore, only secound time 4 wheel driving and found this a good spot to learn about the car and how far i can push it with out getting bogged...(and then found out how far not to push it or u do get bogged..) had a lot of fun lots of places to explore.. Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 22, 2012
13736 Went in deeper, area is bigger than expected. At the entrance theres now a bypass track to the left going around where the fencing stake is. That stake is in bloody well. Ford Courier Dec 7, 2011
20291 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 8, 2011
20293 Went for a look, got about 20 metres in and heard a hissing sound from the front and the back. Yep both tyres punctured. On closer inspection there was a big tear in each of the drivers side tyre walls. got out and had a look in the track and discovered that someone has driven a fencing stake into the ground leaving about 3 inches poking out. Guess they don't want 4x4's out there. Getting home became the adventure... Toyota Hilux Aug 26, 2011
14189 Lots of fun. Some gates were closed but not locked. Different grades of tracks for different levels of modifications. Found the un-gated entrance pretty easily Nissan Navara Jul 30, 2011
17871 great fun Toyota Hilux Apr 16, 2011
869 This is all marked as private property and fines apply , it is a great area and a pity its closed off but if you dont mind a fine there is still some entry points Toyota Prado Mar 7, 2011
13736 Foggy again haha. Went looking for stanwell dam, found a marsh instead. Saw sombody on the way out. Good stuff. Subaru Brumby Jan 26, 2011
13787 nice place. i came alone but i've met some other guys there ;) Jeep Grand Cherokee Jan 22, 2011
13736 Went further in, all good. Nice n foggy too. Subaru Brumby Dec 14, 2010
13736 Just a reccy run. Theres one entry point through the bush which you'll miss if you arent paying attention, all other entry points are gated. Heaps of ruts, some deep as, the track that runs parallel to the main road heading north seems to be blocked by some mounds that have been put there for some reason. Good for a play around, havent checked out the whole area since some parts were to risky to attempt alone. Subaru Brumby Nov 24, 2010
12194 Ford Courier Jul 23, 2010
6688 There is now a gate across the entrance but there is another entrance about 400 meters north. This was a good morning out. Toyota Landcruiser Mar 26, 2010
10367 Didn' get alot of time to explore but will head back when i get time! Are the water holes on this site safe for swimming??? Nissan Patrol Feb 26, 2010
9938 I spent an hour up there exploring, not too bad. Nissan Patrol Jan 31, 2010
6835 good Nissan Patrol Jan 4, 2010