Andamooka to the Borefield road track
About the Track
Track Description

this is a small track that runs from the Farina track across to the borefield road, you go our on the Farina track past the Andamooka air port and follow it as if you were going to Farina, some way out as you come down a washed out hill you come to a fork in the road, the Farina track go of to the right, the left track take you back through some sandy tracks, you came across a few clay pans and the track is quite clearly marked, be careful as it can get quite boggy in the ruts at times.

After good rains this is where you will find the Sturt Desert Peas growing.

as you get towards the end of the track you go through a gate that is always open, sharp turn to your left and follow the fence along till you come to the borefield road.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
13661 this track can be slippery after rain, make sure you let some one know where and when you are about to start and when you have completed this one, its a long walk to get help. Nissan Patrol Sep 5, 2010