Kingoonya to Wirrulla Station track
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The Kingoonya to Wirrulla Station Track/road travels between Kingoonya, Hiltaba and onto Wirrulla cutting right bye the Gawler Ranges, at the top end of this track you pass between 2 great salt lakes, one being lake Gairdner and Lake Everard.

this track/road has a bit of every thing, it can be quite sandy in locations, then quite rocky in others, you pass around the edge of some smaller salt pans towards Wirrulla which have been known to be soft on the edges, so stay in the middle of the track/road.

You pas through some low lining hills which are quite spectacular as the sun moves over them. there is a turn off into the Gawler Ranges which will bring you out by Kimba on one side, or you just follow the track/road to Wirrulla, either way, its a nice trip.

Keep an eye out for the orange sand hills on the western side of the track, they make a great spot for the kids to play.

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