Andersons Tk
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I have been up and down Andersons Tk with no problms in the dry months. But after winter it is a different story. This track is rated at Very Difficult and last time required 35+ tons of lift and good MT tyres. We turned around early as it was clear most were not going to make it up. A good challenge for the well equipped.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
53408 Drove this track a week ago. Few mud washouts that required us to winch the rest of the way Toyota Landcruiser Jan 28, 2015
45751 This one was a nemesis of a Geocaching buddy of mine till To-Day he made it most of the way all but the last pinch where he had to winch up but i made it all the way we only got hung up in one place where there was a nice big mud hole after slipping off the ruts but managed to get out of the mud & find some decent ground, My Tara only has 300mm clearance to the door sils. Suzuki Vitara Mar 30, 2014
45094 Walk in the Park. It had been dry then 2 days of rain but not problem LandRover Range Rover Jan 11, 2014
42470 Did this track on sunday. Was good fun but nothing too extreme. In the ruts the patrol struggled with 2inch and muddies but outside ruts stock navara and amarok did it easy Nissan Patrol Dec 1, 2013
35467 Did it two weeks ago in the dry, was extremly easy. Did it yesterday and was very muddy and got bogged. If your going alone, make sure you have a winch. Mitsubishi Triton May 26, 2013
35467 Been graded, ruts filled in. very easy now! Mitsubishi Triton May 11, 2013
23121 track has been graded and is easy as piss, no challenge at all Nissan Pathfinder May 5, 2013
20062 Ruts have been filled which would make it very hard going up in the wet, but easy in the dry. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 20, 2013
37008 track is boring, wait till the wet season kicks in and people tear it up again. did it in hi range without the front lockers, even the big bog hole that existed has been filled, Toyota Landcruiser Jan 10, 2013
34795 Track has been graded, did 90% in the middle of the night no problems, very greasy up the top and decided to turn back. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 9, 2012
4645 Dry and a lot easier now. Toyota Hilux Nov 5, 2012
14170 can drice 98% of this track with 33 muddies in a gq with 3 inch lift no lockers but couldnt quite get the rear wheels up the top as its very greasy Nissan Patrol Jun 3, 2012
21625 was difficult after 80mm of rain Nissan Patrol Apr 26, 2012
18641 dry day today, but still some puddles on the way. got to the steep hill, wet and muddy. got up on mud tyres. Toyota Hilux Apr 1, 2012
25683 went on labour day with a gq, nearly got to the top then got stuck in a massive bog hole! bikes couldnt make it up, only cars n bikes coming down. headin back this weekend with some mates to have another crack. Toyota Hilux Mar 12, 2012
24649 Went down this track by accident, made it all the way to the last hill but couldn't quite make it up due to the rain we had over the Christmas period, will surely try it again after a good patch of dry weather. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 28, 2011
26047 Did it once in semi-dry conditions. No problem. Attempted ascending after a very heavy rain - bogged down half way through. Will try again. Nissan Pathfinder Dec 26, 2011
14993 Did it twice :-) went back in the steep part -:( Now I can see in this web site that it is not for my car Toyota RAV4 Jan 26, 2011
14603 Track was good, hadnt rained for a week or so, the most part was dry except for one steep section which was muddy in parts but plenty of revs and momentum got me up the hill. Would need winch if any wetter. Toyota Prado Dec 31, 2010
11291 drove up this track few weeks back coming from the bottom entry only got a few k's up and ended up speing 2 hours pulling an old cruiser out i was following. Would def reccommend for the kitted up trucks, was raining few days before and still was extremely slippery, would be a fantastic track in the less wetter months Toyota Hilux May 16, 2010
1506 Track has been graded since Black saturday fires Nissan Patrol Feb 13, 2010
6866 did it but gf got leeches on her leg. ha ha. Nissan Patrol Jan 2, 2010
2696 Easy as in the dry. would be hard in the wet. Jeep Wrangler Jan 22, 2009
1430 Agree with Nickj. This track is fine in the dry, but is more than difficult in the wet unless you have muddies and lift. Have tried this numerous times over winter hoping to make it up but each time have not made it. Would be easier going the other way and heading downhill though. I have included several UTube links to this track. ( not mine ) Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 16, 2008