Nth Stradbroke Island - Tripod Lookout and beyond
About the Track
Track Description

The track log starts and ends at Point Lookout.

The 4WD track starts just west of the Amity Point turnoff (details of this turn-off are well described in \'Dirty Weekends\') and ends on the main East-West Road between Dunwich and the east coast beach. The drive is a relatively easy run. The occassional deeper sand \'patch\' blown across the track makes for a little fun and brings momentum to the fore... but easily traversed with a little momentum in high range.

The first stop is Tripod Lookout. From here you can see much of North Stradbroke Island, as well as (on a clear day) see the Brisbane CBD to the west.

Progressing south along the track you\'ll see a variety of vegetation typical of a sand island.

Returning to Dunwich via Brown Lake. A short 4WD track to the eastern side of the lake will provide a relatively quiet (no 2WD accesss) opportunity to swim in the freshwater lake without crowds.


(Photo\'s from past trip)

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
28831 Tripod track is great fun. Can be a bit tricky to find the right track when entering from the north... don't follow the power lines! Tripod lookout has some great views and is worth the walk. Holden Colorado May 6, 2012
28139 The inland track going north was closed. Could have been due to the rainy periods we had in the weeks prior. Toyota Prado Oct 16, 2011
28831 Holden Colorado Jun 11, 2011
10669 Nice easy run through the inland track. All tracks off the main were closed Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 25, 2011
6776 great water visibility and views over straddie to take it all in. worht the short drive for sure. Jeep Wrangler Apr 16, 2011
13237 Holden Rodeo Oct 14, 2010
12037 Great little sandy track - nice views over Straddie LandRover Discovery Jul 12, 2010
37329 Great place for a family camping Toyota Landcruiser Feb 12, 2006
513 The beach driving is fun, I didn't do the inland tracks which I will revisit on the next trip. Toyota Prado Jan 5, 2006
42069 Nissan Patrol Jun 16, 1995