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**This track is on private property - Access strictly by booking only**
Bookings can be made by calling the Quorn Visitor information Office 08 8648 6419 , please see website below for details.

Im am recomending this track as its one of the best I have experianced in the flinders rangers and still is to date (2014)
After 2013 trip i am recomending 6-7 hours for this track. (if stop Briefly for photos)
After the trip, I would recomend having a few beers to finish of the day, and esp one of there mouth watering meals.
Best Snitzle and Salt and peper calamari i have ever had!


You will experiance the works, very steep rocky hills, creeks. sand. etc etc.
High ground clearance highly recomended eg 330mm.
Breath taking views.
Once you do this track, the others will seem just like a nice easy drive. It will def put your 4x4 skills to the test!
There is also free camping at waren gorge (please take care of this area! it has stayed unspoilt for many years)
Notes on track:
Can experience the works here, depending on the year this can turn into a very difficult track, but usually it may be closed after heavy rain.
You will experience steep rocky climbs, obstacles on red sand, creeks crossings, etc
Before track starts there is a small wall you have to climb over while on a semi steep rocky track. If get stuck here I wouldn go further ;) as there comes a part where it is very steep and rocky which is quite challenging to get up and need good ground clearance and tyres which is impossible with out low range.
Low range is mostly used, and caution is to be taken towards the end of the track where you are travelling along a cliff face, there is a part there you have to travel on red sand going down the hill and then turn sharply while the car is on a angle. If slip some damage can result. But if take it slowly it will be both fun and safe.
A great track to gain good advanced 4x4 skills and you will always be on the edge of your seat!
Camping possible at Waren Gorge, but please look after this place as it is a hidden beauty and would be a shame to be shut off due to unrespectable travellers.

Note (2013 - 2014) PLEASE LOOK AFTER WAREN GORGE! Being visited for over 20 years and remained untouched, since 2010 warren gorge has become quite popular and the local cancel has gone to great efforts to keep warren gorge up to date with toilets and bins at the entry. PLEASE USE THE BINS! also PLEASE LEAVE TREES AS THEY ARE! It sadens me when see visitors with blatent disrespect for others and this area. Also after reports by Property owner please there is strictly NO DOGS ALLOWED on this track as its a operating sheep farm and there has been dogs on the lose before. IF take dogs to waren gorge (camping) keep on leash, being a national park now it is recomended to confirm if dogs are allowed by calling the information center.

A Video of Arden hills will be posted 1/4 2014 and photos updated.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
38787 Nissan Patrol Mar 23, 2015
5189 Nice track, went after slight rain. Not too hard, stock prado made everything look easy. A bit of clearance wouldn't hurt though. Awesome views and a great campsite at either Warren Gorge or on the property. Nissan Patrol Jul 6, 2013
7017 Awesome track, but note the entry gate is located at 32 10' 55"S 138 0'23"E through Warren George. Reasonably challenging in parts, but nothing too difficult. Fantastic views from the top of the ranges, good fun climbs & descents. Patrol did it easy with standard tyres at 24psi. Came home with some new pin stripes, but well worth it. Even the locals say it's the "most adventurous" track in the Quorn area. I'd be happy to do this one again. There are fantastic camp sites there with toilets too. Highly recommended. Nissan Patrol Jul 6, 2013
22761 October long week end 2011, track not very well signed posted, and we where not the only one lost, and could find all of the track, what we did was more like a quite day drive, and boring Toyota Landcruiser Oct 12, 2011
13723 Nissan Patrol May 29, 2011
16281 KEYS NOT AT AUSTRAL ANYMORE. You now book at the Visitor Info Centre. EXCELLENT track, so challenging, had to get out and look at track a few times through the steep rocky bits to pick the right line. Spectacular is not a good enough word for the ridge top views. You really are on top of the world Holden Rodeo Apr 19, 2011
27050 Well i didnt get far due to a smashed sump due to another patrol in front that kicked a boulder down and took me out.. But all was good in the end and camped over night while another sump was brought over from adelaide and still had a great time camping Nissan Patrol Apr 12, 2011
20106 Ford Courier Apr 1, 2011
2062 Use low range all the way... take it easy and save your suspension... it's beautiful. Camping by arrangement. Take your lunch... no prizes for finishing first... enjoy the scenery. If you descend some of the hills too quickly you can stove in the front of your vehicle. Not for beginners. Treat the track with respect and you'll come out unscathed :) Nissan Pathfinder