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This track branches off from Donnelly\'s Creek Track. If coming from Merringtons camp, you will traverse most of Donnelly\'s Creek Track before getting to Army. From Donnelly\'s Creek Entrance, the initial climb is very steep, with loose rocks and sharp slate rock steps. Near the top of the first climb there are also some decent ruts that need care to navigate. After this, thare are a lot of steep climbs/decents with some very deep culverts, with several switchbacks to contend with. These switchbacks cannot be raced into, and care, not speed, should be used for the turns as they trun away from the wall face, and it could be a long way down!!! There is one little creek crossing at the bottom, bit nothing to worry about, maybe a bottom of the rim depth. This track can be challenging, and fun, but care should always be taken. A vehicle with low range, good clearance and tyres should be considered for a track of this type.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
53408 Was beautiful to drive at 3am, would hate to see it wet. That would be an effort and a half Toyota Landcruiser Jan 28, 2015
11056 Nice track Nissan Patrol Jan 26, 2015
52485 I've been along Army Nth section a couple of times. Great in either direction. Nissan Patrol Oct 15, 2014
25416 So, just "finished" this. Went down fine, couldn't get back up through the clay. Alternate routes were nice, and plenty. Lots of river crossings to do if you can't get back up... Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jul 2, 2014
23121 did from fultons creek end to donnelys creek, was easy as, just a few sharp turns at the top to go around treea that were fallen down, Nissan Pathfinder Oct 19, 2013
3267 Anzac day starting at Donnellys end, good fun some rocks a bit slippery but no real troubles Toyota Landcruiser May 2, 2012
1903 Reasonably straight forward, couple of rocky sections. Toyota Landcruiser Mar 20, 2011
3685 No problems, a couple of rock steps to be negotiated. Toyota Prado Feb 24, 2011
4530 Mitsubishi Pajero May 23, 2010
12717 Tis just as Centaur says. Ford Maverick Oct 13, 2010
18791 Nissan Patrol May 22, 2010
5397 Did this track a couple of times in 2008, travelling down is quite easy. Going up is challenging if you have poor traction/poor clearance. Watched a landcruiser do it very hard over some of the steps. Nissan Patrol Jul 24, 2009
285 Did the reverse of this track (Binns to Donnelly) - Got stuck coming up a greasy clay pinch after crossing Fultons... Tried 3 times with no luck, sent Knot_Gillty up then had another go and made it... Winter is probably not the best time to do this track.. especially if it is raining or has had some rain in the last week or so... Had a ball though!!! Toyota Hilux Surf Jul 12, 2009
2387 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 18, 2009
285 Toyota Hilux Sep 14, 2008
1659 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 14, 2008
10962 Toyota Landcruiser Jun 7, 2008
648 Nissan Patrol Apr 20, 2008
661 Steep & loose rock Toyota Landcruiser Apr 19, 2008
107 After doing this track all the way from Fultons Creek Tk, the last drop dow to Donnelleys Creek Tk seems lame! Nissan Pathfinder
36 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 23, 2008
1137 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 4, 2008
11541 in the dry no probs from donnely to williamson spur Toyota Hilux Surf Oct 14, 2007
762 Did it in the Dry, Some deep ruts but otherwise ok Toyota Landcruiser Aug 9, 2005
774 Toyota Landcruiser May 30, 2005