Fultons Creek Track
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Track Description

I came back along this track after completing Army Track. Nice, relatively easy track, with some climbs and loose rocks to contend with. The climbs needed low range, and some clearance on your vehicle will be needed. A nice respite in between the more challenging tracks. Some great views, and a coulpe of spots for a barbie or a picnic.After the floods have changed the track and washed away all but the hardest of the rocks. The image shws the rock ledge exit at the last river crossing.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
11056 Fun track Nissan Patrol Jan 26, 2015
42992 Few very steep climbs, several river crossings, one bonnet height. Great fun! Subaru Forester Apr 9, 2014
45526 Top track, one of my favorite in the area. few good river crossings with some tight river bed turns where some lift and a locker will help. very steep climbs but track in good condition and therefore held traction all the time (front locker and low 1st), no big ruts. would be very interesting in the wet. Toyota Hilux Jan 12, 2014
23121 nice track not too hard, just a couple of the crossings were up to bonnet height but overall a good drive Nissan Pathfinder Oct 19, 2013
35467 Good fun track Mitsubishi Triton Jun 10, 2013
1430 Done over the Queens Birthday long weekend 2011 after spending a few days in the area and visiting the snow up at Mount Selma. Reasonably easy track even though it was wet. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 13, 2011
1052 i started the track from the beardmores side only went as far as the army track turn off the track is very hard the rock ledges are getting big, with lots of lose rock around lockers would help but not a must, good tyres, lowrange and clearance is needed until they grade it again. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 26, 2010
3945 Drove this track in 94 or 95 during the summer months. It was more of a moderate to dificult track with easy sections back then mostly due to very deep rutted climbs and rutted entry and exits at the river crossings. The old 3.3 diesel MQ SWB patrol was a great bus back then travelled a lot of the high country with her...I look forward t doing this trip with the GV Diesel, wife and kids.. When I drove this track we came straight from Cheynes Bridge a lot of the tracks we travelled before we got to this one had long been shut down after logging so it was difficult when you head 6 or so kms down a track only to find a massive log or bolders/earth accross the track... Nissan Patrol Nov 29, 2009
2714 A series of steep grades (~60% in places) make it a fun track, but not difficult. West of the creek crossings could be tough in the wet Ford Ranger Jan 13, 2009
661 Very good steep and powdery harder if wet Toyota Landcruiser
485 Nissan Pathfinder Nov 9, 2008
107 Nice challenging track. The last section after Dry Gully Tk is awesome. Watch out for the 3rd river crossing heading east from Walhalla Rd drive along the bank for 10m then dive in! It's a doosy! Nissan Pathfinder Nov 9, 2008
1509 Nissan Patrol Sep 28, 2008
648 Nissan Patrol Apr 19, 2008
36 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 23, 2008