Back Track - Glenmaggie Gorge
About the Track
Track Description

Back Track starts at Extension Track, slightly north of Lake Glenmaggie.

The track runs for just under 10 Klm and has three river crossings. The crossings are shallow and are over large rounded river rocks.   Some care needs to be taken with some of these to not damage under vehicle too much.

The rest of the track consists of some steep ascents and descents and is over a rock / gravel base type track.

The track ends at McEvoys Track which is an easy run back into Heyfield.

One of the river crossings is through Glenmaggie Gorge, which is worth a stop and look.  Very nice place and good for a swim if it is hot.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
36771 Great area down at the gorge. Partially cleared a widowmaker that was obstructing the 3rd river crossing from mcevoy's end. big rocks. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 27, 2015
35718 Track is well graded with some steep sections. River crossing are shallow. A few fallen tree's over the road, most of the big one's have been cleared. very dry even with the recent rain. LandRover Discovery Nov 6, 2012
32819 Nice track with a few slightly steep parts, Can be tricky in wet. Creek crossings have some large rocks and holes in spots from the last flood. Toyota Hilux Aug 6, 2012
12717 Still in good shape, nice moderate track to drive, steep pinch coming out of the gorge. Ford Maverick Sep 18, 2010
11541 nice track Toyota Hilux Surf Jan 1, 2010
5397 Track in good condition. Only some small patches of exposed rocks. River crossings have had some of the larger rocks removed. No issues with clearance at all. Great day out and worth a visit to the gorge. Nissan Patrol Sep 4, 2009
2714 Easy track when dry. The rock beds at the Glenmaggie Creek crossings provide a great opportunity for a bit of rock-crawl fun. Ford Ranger Jan 13, 2009