Lower Block Track
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Track Description

Lower Block Track runs between Huggets Road and Avon Track north east of Glenmaggie.

The first part of the track has rocks and steep ascents and descents.

There are 12 river crossings along this track which range in depth from ankle deep to waist deep.   We did the track after some rain, so water might be shallower in the dry.   During Winter, the river crossings may be impassible as the river beds in some places indicate a depth of several metres.

Where the track runs along and crosses the river, it is relatively flat with a sandy and in places rocky surface to drive on.   Several parts of the track run along the river bed and you are driving on rounded / smooth river rocks.

Track may be rated as difficult in wet weather due to the steepness of some of the track during the first couple of kilometres.   This would make it slippery.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
36771 Good condition, one bog hole about 5 k's in. Fords shallow. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 26, 2014
2284 Must do again great fun years ago Nissan Patrol Jul 3, 2011
20943 great fun track for a couple of hrs play when camped at huggetts crossing Nissan Patrol Jun 29, 2011
5887 Enetered via Ben Cruachan Ck Tk and exited via Ben Cruachan Rd. Passed through the private property this time which was much quicker otherwise would have had to negotiate a very steep climb in the wet. Had to snatch my bro-in-law's standard height Patrol from a small boghole in the dark, rain, and mud. Only came across 2 small bogholes. The first being deeper had a slippery chicken track. Rest of track was good. Nissan Patrol Jun 12, 2011
18675 Nissan Patrol Apr 27, 2011
822 Great track with a few good camping spots. will be back to explore this area a bit more. Toyota Hilux Apr 17, 2011
5887 River crossings were very shallow but recent rains must have uncovered lots of sharp rocks (wasn't as rocky a few months ago when we didn't complete the track). Track after the crossings was extremely overgrown and now have scratches all over the Patrol. Rooftop maps call this track 'Ben Cruachan Ck Tk'. Turned left at Avon Rd and took 'Ben Cruachan Road' back which ended at private property not shown on map which forced us onto Beaver Meadows Tk No.2 (shown as No.1 on map) which is an extremely steep climb and at one point almost got bogged on a slope in the dry. Tracks got a little confusing from this point onwards but eventually escaped via Geoghegans Rd. This complete circuit proved to be very tiring for a day trip. Nissan Patrol Feb 13, 2011
3477 Holden Jackaroo Oct 10, 2010
6015 Nice drive Nissan Patrol Jun 12, 2010
11056 Nissan Patrol Jun 12, 2010
716 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 21, 2010
762 A good fun track with several river crossings Toyota Landcruiser Sep 23, 2009
5152 One of my fav scenic tracks in this area.....is a good idea to take a right onto avon trk. just before reaching woods point track (Very fun during the winter) and follow it until you come to mt. angus trk. which will take you back around to huggetts. Another awesome alternative is to make a left onto wood's point hut trk. and then a rightey onto Mt. Margret trk. and continue up to either hickey's crk. trk. or burgoynes (a fair hike in a fourbie though) great area though Toyota Landcruiser Jun 4, 2009
774 Very scenic drive and a bit of everything for anyone wanting to do it Toyota Landcruiser Sep 23, 2008
11541 Toyota Hilux Surf Apr 10, 2008
22235 Yes, the date's right...whilst transferring old videos came across 35 minutes of the first part of the drive taken with a (large!) video camera strapped to the front passenger seat of a 1984 Rangie. Intend to revisit down to the first couple of river crossings in November '11 in a surprisingly capable Freelander 2 SD4, and hope it's not too overgrown - it was pretty bad in '89. LandRover Range Rover Dec 21, 1989