Barkly River Jeep Track
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Track Description

Only attempt this track with front and rear diff locks and good ground clearance.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
28798 deferentially not a double black just black, loved the trip though, nice river crossing down south. Nissan Patrol May 3, 2013
24858 Ran out of daylight before hitting this track (for the first time) with the aim of setting up camp on Mt scene.found sections that required locking both diffs, though a bit more momentum could have elevated the need for that, but I like my truck and prefer to crawl, especially when running solo in the dark, on a track that makes u feel like u are going the bounce off the face of the earth in some parts! Very exhilarating and I look forward to giving it another run! Nissan Patrol Apr 27, 2013
35586 I went down this track 2/06/12. Snow on the top part of the track and we completed it without too much trouble. (GQ Troll 33's) Then it closed for the winter. Looked at the top today & its been washed away quite badly over the winter. No way would i attempt it without a lot of under body damage. Nissan Patrol Nov 4, 2012
10203 Went down it on 33's. Some of the angles got the heart rate going. Good fun. Toyota Hilux Jun 3, 2011
12404 Good track ,did it with 33's diffs scrapped a little bit! LandRover Defender Apr 24, 2011
14027 Drove up it in the snow, unlocked on 37s in an 80 series. Bit of difficulty at the bottom, but the rest was not a drama Toyota Hilux Aug 12, 2010
648 A little bit of drizzle made it very interesting. Nissan Patrol Apr 10, 2010
12717 Came down fully loaded. Tough track, agree with rating and posters comments. Attempting the worst section in a standard vehicle would be very dangerous. Ford Maverick Mar 20, 2010