Buckland Spur Track to Craig\'s Hut via No3 Track
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The Upper King River Rd traverses traverses Lake William Hovell on its Western edge and quickly becomes a 4WD track after a small creek crossing. The tracks are well sign posted and you proceed along the Upper King River Rd, past the Evans Creek Track, approximately 3.6km on, you cross the Evans Creek, which in April 2010 was about half a metre deep.

Approximately 1 km after the creek crossing, turn right at the Buckland Spur track (signposted). This track climbs from 450 metres to 1050 metres and is steeep and rocky in places before it flattens out and joins the Evans Creek track.

Proceeed south along the track and you will come to the Tomahawk hut, which is well appointed with a fireplace and a concrete floor.Continue South to the intersection of Carters Rd and No3 Rd. Turn left and take the No3 Rd, it is quite rocky and slow going, see photograph. The road climbs No3 Mountain to its peak at approximately 1560 metres. The area was recently burned out and can be quite surreal ain parts. There are plently of good views, particularly at the summit. 

The track passes a number of excellent alpine huts, which are well appointed, shame about the rubbish that some people leave behind. The No3 rd continues on and joins the Curcuit Rd whwre you turn left, initially heading north before the road turns to the east past King Basin rd. Continue on until you see the sign to Craig\'s Hut. This is an amazingly popular place, but well worth the views of Mt Cobbler and the Upper King Valley. All up the journey took around 3 hrs with plenty of stops to explore huts and take photos.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
28045 Part of the loop to Lake Cobbler, a number of tracks cross over. DId Long Spur track ont he way up, Evan creek on the way back with many of thr tracks listed in this one along the way. Spent about 7 hours on the road all up. In good weather consider these easy rather than moderate, wet weather its a different story Mitsubishi Challenger Dec 29, 2014
21810 good track done it plenty of times in 4wd and on bike Nissan Patrol Nov 28, 2011
4531 Mitsubishi Triton Mar 15, 2010
2571 Toyota Hilux Mar 8, 2007
2571 Toyota Hilux Mar 8, 2007