Basalt Knob Trk
About the Track
Track Description
Can be loose and powdery on the washouts. One of the steepest tracks in the area. Great views!
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
56171 Steep and loose with a few rocky sections. easily passable and good fun. LandRover Discovery Apr 3, 2015
27087 Steep and dusty at the bottom 2km but rest of track very easy. Definitely worth doing Nissan Patrol Jan 22, 2015
10203 South Basalt Knob Track has been bulldozed. No more rock ledges, ruts, traction issues or pinstriping. Still steep and a fun climb. Toyota Hilux Nov 11, 2013
17302 The very steep lower section seemed to be in worse condition from the previous year - more loose gravel, loose rocks and ruts. Traction can be an issue, so lockers are an advantage. Up on the ridge line the overgrowth is becoming an issue. Toyota Prado Dec 25, 2012
6520 We did this track in the downhill direction which was challenging enough. Met up with a Landcruiser coming in the opposite direction at a very narrow steep section of the track and only managed to pass with inches to spare. Great track, very steep in places. Toyota Hilux Dec 30, 2011
1903 Some very steep sections with some ruts that require careful wheel placement, couple of rock ledges, challenging. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 30, 2011
10800 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 13, 2011
18791 Nissan Patrol Feb 13, 2011
4645 Nice and steep challenge Toyota Hilux Jan 26, 2011
11056 Great Track currently in good condition Nissan Patrol Jan 22, 2011
12717 Great track, up, up up! Ford Maverick Mar 8, 2010
607 Stunningly steep and loose in places, as exciting going down as up Nissan Patrol Jan 9, 2009
661 I love this track has a bit of everything Steep and loose will keep you on your toes !! Toyota Prado May 26, 2008
648 The views from the first hellipad are truly spectacular! Nissan Patrol Feb 16, 2008
759 terrific views from an intersting track Toyota Landcruiser Feb 16, 2008