Strickland Link Trk
About the Track
Track Description
Best to travel up this track from Andersons Mill Rd. It is a little closed in at times, but not too bad. The track is clay and slippery after rain, it has rocks to negotiate on the climb up. Recommended for vehicles with low range and high clearance.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
700 Good track- would be hard with stock truck Toyota Landcruiser
45751 Interesting little track we did this one coming down it was dry when we did so was nice & easy till we got to the rock steps where i need someone to spot for as i had to take the inside line which caused me to do a Noise dive good fun in a Shorttie. Suzuki Vitara Dec 28, 2014
53373 Was closed at entrance from Andersons Mill road. Take Neds Trak to Gordon's Rd and to Strickland Spur Trak instead. Jeep Grand Cherokee Oct 25, 2014
18791 was slippery but no problems Nissan Patrol May 15, 2011
10741 Toyota Landcruiser Apr 2, 2010
11291 Travelled up this track from adnersons mill road, very rocky only got about half way up, where there was a split section, one was filled with very big rocks, other was clay. had old mud tyres on with little grip so turned around! will try this track again soon have brand new muddies!! Toyota Hilux Mar 24, 2010
6866 good steep climbs and rocks, make sure you have got good clearance. Nissan Patrol Mar 21, 2010
648 Good views in places. Nissan Patrol May 24, 2008
661 Good when a bit slippery Toyota Prado May 24, 2008