Beardmores Trk
About the Track
Track Description
This track runs parallel to the Thomson dam wall. It provides amazing views of the dam wall and needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate the engineering that has gone into the construction of the dam wall. We started at Walhalla Rd end and as the track winds you between the trees you are lulled into a false sense of this being a sedate track. Make no mistake this is a steep track and given a little rain it could make it undriveable. At the bottom the track crosses the Thomson River. This can be a dangerous crossing and at first it isn\'t very obvious where the exit is.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
36771 Came in from the Aberfeldy side, fairly steep and rocky-it has been chewed up a bit. Thompson river was about waist height and strong flowing. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 2, 2013
50600 this track is a nice short track that requiers a fair amount of skill at times, a must do for anyone in the area!! Mazda BT-50 Oct 23, 2013
23121 did this track in both directions today, river not too deep, maybe 2 foot Nissan Pathfinder Dec 30, 2012
22170 Easy track and nice river crossing, track can be a bit wet in areas but otherwise its easy. Nice views. Toyota Prado Mar 10, 2012
27383 Toyota Hilux Oct 30, 2011
6491 Good track with nice river crossing at start & good views of the dam wall. Whilst not overly difficult, care is required in wet conditions. Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 20, 2011
1430 Did this heading back to Moe from O'Tooles area. Very wet, but reasonably easy. River was shallow, only about a foot or so deep. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 13, 2011
10499 this is a really fun track with great views of the wall. the river crossing is fun not to deep just long. Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 16, 2011
4530 River crossing reasonably deep, great track Mitsubishi Pajero May 23, 2010
4531 Mitsubishi Triton Sep 13, 2010
3477 Great Track Holden Jackaroo Feb 21, 2010
670 Impressive View Of Dam Wall Nissan Patrol Nov 13, 2009
762 Removed a large tree blocking the track to allow access to all, A great doorway to the tracks ahead. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 3, 2009
774 Great little track with a good river crossing at the bottom Toyota Landcruiser May 18, 2009
1524 Great track to come out rather than going across the dam wall. Nissan Patrol Mar 10, 2009
1659 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 9, 2009
427 A very good initiation track and the views are awesome The gateway to one hellva good 4beeing weekend. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 4, 2009
1506 Toyota Hilux Nov 9, 2008
648 The views from the bottom of the dam wall are awesome. Nissan Patrol Nov 9, 2008
1524 Toyota Hilux Surf Nov 9, 2008
107 Done this track many times. Nice drive both directions. Nissan Pathfinder