Pheasant Trk
About the Track
Track Description
This is a steep track that in parts runs parallel to Meringtons Trk. We travelled down it from Williamsons Spur Rd and as you descend, the views along the ridge line are breathtaking. This track crosses the Aberfeldie River and is usually only a trickle, however, evidence of the recent floods is obvious as you cross. The track climbs steeply out of the river and if wet can be tricky. As the track climbs it passes through section that is very slippery when wet. The track ends at the T intersection with Meringtons Trk.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
50600 track is currently in very good condition, nice views! would not be nice in the wet we could see where the track has been torn to bits over winter Mazda BT-50 Nov 10, 2014
17563 A great view of this track can be seen from the main road as it climbs straight up the hill and along the ridge. Good drive in the dry with some nice scenery. Toyota FJ Cruiser Dec 9, 2012
14170 did this in the wet and was pretty slippery but made it to the top without winching on 33 mtz no lockers Nissan Patrol Jun 16, 2012
10800 we did this track 2 july 2011 some parts were tough, severy rutted, in the wet would be near impossible in some parts Toyota Landcruiser Jul 3, 2011
18791 Nissan Patrol Jul 3, 2011
1430 Did this as part of the Neerim to O'Tooles Labour Day trip in 2010. It had been raining a fair bit in the area and some of the steeper downhills were a bit of fun. Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 7, 2010
2387 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 4, 2009
36 I agree, caution, and a good setup needed if attempted in the wet... Great fun if dry, and the views are great, when you are not concentrating on what you are doing> Toyota Landcruiser Nov 14, 2008
648 Great views along the ridge line! Nissan Patrol Nov 9, 2008