Bilpin to Mt Irvine
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This is a liesurely dirt road deviation from the Bells Line of Road. Could probably do most of it in a 2WD in fine weather, apart from one section where a bit of ground clearance is needed.

Turn right off the Bells Line of Road onto Mt. Irvine Road. It is easy to miss as the sign post isn\'t too distinct. If coming from Sydney way, start to look out for the turnoff after you pass Mt. Tootie Rd turnoff. There is a sign at the start saying Road Closed, but this has been there for years, and the gate is open anyway. 

On the descent, there are a few puddles and the road is a little bit rocky. You descend down two hairpin bends before reaching an old wooden bridge across Bowen\'s Creek. The views on the way down are great. There is a great little campsite on the other side of the bridge down by the creek. There is a sign here saying 4WD only beyond this point, but i think this is meant to be facing the otyher way, as the climb out is simply a smooth dirt road, with the occaisonal rocky section. Did this after a week of heavy rain and needed to use 4x4 on the slippery climb out.

Up the top there seems to be a few narrower dirt roads heading off form the main road, these may involve a bit more 4x4 action, but i have never been out along them. 

Well worth a visit if you are up in the area. Once at Mt.Irvine, you can either drive back the same way or continue along the winding sealed road back to the highway via Mt. Wilson.  


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Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
44842 Road blocked from Bilpin side after about km. Big concrete blocks across track Jeep Wrangler Feb 7, 2015
34982 This was only the second track I've done in the Prado. Came in from Bilpin, and as many have said the track from Bells Line of Road to the bridge is pretty rough, and a lot of fun. Nothing the Prado couldn't handle easily, but I'd definitely class it as 'Moderate' rather than 'easy'. All you really need is good wheel placement in the tougher spots (although the 2" lift definitely helped). The track out from the bridge to Mt. Irvine was for the most part entirely smooth. Nice little camp ground down the bottom. Toyota Prado Oct 9, 2012
23339 Did Bilpin->Mount Irvine & then reverse, mostly easy with rutting & wombat holes but some more difficult sections which require attention. Our group also had some Jimny's which made it fine. Wouldn't take a soft roader down and expect no damage in the rocky sections. Suzuki Grand Vitara Sep 8, 2012
31335 Good wheel placement required in some sections to stop panel damage. If you have sliders there will be no problem. No real sippery bits but would be very different in the rain. From Bilpin to the bridge I would only suggest for 4WD's but from the bridge out very easy driving. Nissan Patrol Aug 11, 2012
31335 Good wheel placement required in some sections to stop panel damage. If you have sliders there will be no problem. No real sippery bits but would be very different in the rain. From Bilpin to the bridge I would only suggest for 4WD's but from the bridge out very easy driving. Nissan Patrol Aug 11, 2012
25458 Went out in Dad's 93 Pajero, went in through Mt Irvine side, drove up past the bridge and further, went abit through the more hairier parts up to a point where had to reverse and turn around,We didnt want to test the ability of the Stock! Paj to much to cause damage. Looking forward to try it with my 85 Pajero SWB which is modified well enough to pass through :) Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 21, 2012
29111 Was a bit of fun, but rather hairy for someone who hasn't been out too many times before. Had fun, some deep ruts but worth it. Would be keen to try again at some point with a bit of help Toyota Hilux Surf Jun 10, 2012
27540 Drove in from Bilpin, serious erosion from shortly after the gate getting worse as you head down. Improved about half way to the bridge then deteriorated again between the two hairpins. You will get a soft roader down to the creek from Mt Irvine but definitely will not make it from Bilpin. I did not have lockers in the Troopie and it was slippery in places. Hope you don't meet anyone on the track because one of you will have some reversing to do. Having said that, with a Cruiser or Patrol or Hilux/Navarra with lift you should do fine. I would now rate Bilpin to the creek moderate. It is definitely no graded road with deep ruts and washouts. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 29, 2012
15698 Beautiful track going down from Mount Irvine, but I was alone and lacked the guts to continue after the bridge going up. Deeper ruts and no option to turn made that I reversed for almost 1K. Good fun though and will try the whole track again. Toyota Prado Nov 4, 2011
22793 Great drive did this in dry conditions went in from Bilpin end a few puddles and good clearance is needed for one section the drive along the cliff edge was incredible, swimming holes and camp area at the bottom near bridge Toyota 4Runner Nov 20, 2011
21260 Completed this drive in Audi Q7 with air suspension. Used 'lift' for most of the harder locations, still scraped twice underneath (minimal though). First couple of K's from turnoff at Bilpin are graded road. The next 8kms are a mixture of downhill, easy to moderate sections, with some deep ruts starting to form. Not really suitable for a standard SUV, but not impossible either. Vehicles get scratched from flora encroaching on the track in places. Don't recommend going from Bowens Creek up to Bilpin as some of the drops into the ruts are getting high and it will lead to either damage to vehicle, or the track will get chewed out. If an easier, less duco damaging drive is sought, come down from the Mt Irvine side (via Mt Wilson), not from Bilpin (SUV suitable). It is a great drive. Fantastic spot at the bottom (Bowens Creek bridge crossing). Great views. Narrow. Very close to vertical drop most of the way down - bad if you suffer vertigo... Telstra mobile reception lasts about half-way down. Audi All Road Sep 19, 2011
21900 First real 4WD drive. Holden Rodeo Sep 11, 2011
22238 This was our first family outing. Wasn't diffucult but the patrol has good clearance. Beautiful spot at the bridge and definitely easy on the way out. Wasn't too concerned in the patrol but not SUV suitable as there are a few deep ruts. I would hate to pass a vehicle in some places as simply no room to move over. The Family loved it by the way Nissan Patrol Sep 10, 2011
17457 fairly easy,few little ruts Nissan Patrol Aug 13, 2011
16768 - No 4WD yet Mar 20, 2011
11356 Nissan Patrol Feb 28, 2011
15764 Definately not an "easy" track. Should be listed under "moderate". Well at least the Bilpin to the bridge part. From the bridge to Mt Irvine is "easy". If they dont maintain it it will be a very fun track after a few more years of rain. Isuzu D Max Feb 13, 2011
15456 First trip out in the Pajero, if this track is easy i would hate to try expert! the track was very washed out in places, good wheel placement will get you through or luck like we used! a bit much for my first time offroad Mitsubishi Pajero Feb 12, 2011
4909 the section from bilpin to the "bridge" is getting washed out a little and should be interesting in next few years. i hope it will not get graded but who knows? if you are worried about your brand new 4by there are narrow overgrown sections and you might get it scratched :) did i mention its my dog's favorite swimming hole? Toyota Landcruiser Dec 30, 2010
14269 Hey, I know I'm a novice so my ability falls way short of my Prado's, but if this is graded easy, I'd hate to see ...... I walked the section 1.5km east of the bridge and figured I wouldn't get the Prado through without damaging something. Actually I suspect the heavy rain over the last month has washed out about 50 metres of track. I'll be interested to hear future comments. It will be a guide to how much I have to learn. Toyota Prado Dec 17, 2010
13733 nice track when wet.. did this my stock prado. Toyota Prado Nov 18, 2010
13475 Good practice for me as a beginner, nice day out. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 24, 2010
11580 took dad on a drive on fathers day. 2wd could get from mt Wilson to the bridge easily, a soft roader could probably get up the other side to bilpin, a few rutted out sections but easily navigated and becomes quite smooth. nice drive tho. Toyota Hilux Sep 5, 2010
6870 Not bad, easy/mild drive....nice scenery Toyota Landcruiser Sep 1, 2010
11843 LandRover Defender Jun 27, 2010
11843 easy LandRover Defender Jun 27, 2010
11655 Descent down to the creek was fairly rutted in a few places (at least for a novice like myself) but an enjoyable drive and made it through OK. Toyota Hilux Jun 13, 2010
11451 The erosion might make it unsuitable for soft roaders going from Mt Irvine to Bilpin. But should be okay Bilpin to Mt Irvine. Toyota Hilux Jun 13, 2010
10003 Did after extensive rain, quite an easy but pleasant track. Daihatsu Feroza Jan 30, 2010