Lorella Springs Rosie Camp Track
About the Track
Track Description
Lorella Springs is a cattle station were you can camp and enjoy a drink at the bar . The track out to Rosie Camp is about 80 km of slow going, with river crossings and rough track.More like how the roads in the outback would have been before to many people. The camp at the end, is fantastic fishing, a great spot to stay but watch out for crocks. Well worth the drive, best to take your boat for the fishing.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
11304 One of the best places in the top end. Toyota Landcruiser May 16, 2013
3197 Great place but was left alittle disappointed as i expected more. A lack of signs & basic information makes finding the swimming holes difficult & finding your way around. We fixed that issue on day 2 by getting the GPS points off Google Earth which is how they show you the place on arrival, otherwise a well run Park & alot of fun.. I would go back for sure & we were blessed with the priviledge of being invited to make a new track with the Owner Rhett. Knowone had ever been there including Rhett so it was a great priviledge & probably the best swimming on the property being 3 pools that feed into each other. The fishing was great! Nissan Patrol May 16, 2013
9938 Great place to camp I caught my first good Barra up here will take over 3 hours to get to rosie camp Nissan Patrol Jun 1, 2010
6015 Great Place to get away from the crowds. Nissan Patrol Jun 3, 2009