Blowhole Creek Road
About the Track
Track Description

One of the two 4wd only tracks in Deep Creek Conservation Park which leads to Blowhole beach. steep descent/ascent. Should be easy to do with any 4wd vehicle. No clearance issues. Lots of roos. Great views of the ocean and the opposing Kangaroo Island. Take a pair of binoculars.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
55953 Quit easy good starting point though Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 28, 2015
55867 Nice track with great views and a great place to take the kids did it with no problems and a good starting point for beginners. Mitsubishi Challenger Dec 23, 2014
52021 Did this last month. Im a beginner in a Standard D40 and the D40 did it fine. Was great for me being a beginner. Mainly just rocks no ruts. Great Track with Great Views Nissan Navara Nov 9, 2014
43576 Track had a few run-off ruts that were a little deep for a lower ground clearance car, but the Challenger did it easily. Mitsubishi Challenger Aug 24, 2014
46617 Good track to start the kids 4x4 experience on. I will admit even though it is nothing dramatic, it was still fun to get off the road. Mitsubishi Challenger Mar 30, 2014
46787 This is an easy going track and leads to a fantastic beach. Great views of KI. We were treated to a large school of dolphins but no roos on this occasion. Nissan Pathfinder Mar 10, 2014
48327 nice track. Good for beginners, did using X trail, RAV4 and Kluger.Make sure enough (minimum 200mm as signed) ground clearance. Nissan Xtrail Oct 18, 2013
12907 nice beach. A lot easier to drive to than to walk to :-) Nissan Navara Oct 1, 2013
27805 Did this in my EA Falcon great views. Mitsubishi Challenger Aug 11, 2013
40082 Jeep Wrangler May 27, 2013
40087 Good track, easy lots of roos. Toyota Landcruiser May 12, 2013
40693 Mitsubishi Triton Apr 18, 2013
33918 good views easy track Holden Jackaroo Sep 16, 2012
33793 Easy track with great views of KI. Plenty of 'roos to keep the kids entertained. Nice beach - even spotted a seal! Toyota Prado Sep 15, 2012
29198 Reasonable decent, a well maintained track however so problems, even in the wet. Excellent views! Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 29, 2012
28705 Sweet track for beginners (like me) and a great place for photography, assuming one likes the flora and fauna of our great land :) Jeep Cherokee May 13, 2012
17811 Easy track, great views - only challenges being reasonable descent and loose rocks on lower track. At least this one was open.. Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 27, 2012
25120 easy 4x4 track a few sharp rocks and steep sections but easy enough. Toyota Hilux Jan 14, 2012
35603 First serious track in the RAV 4 it coped well Toyota RAV4 Nov 10, 2011
22874 Nice little dry weather only track. Suzuki Grand Vitara Nov 6, 2011
23137 Very easy track, can 2WD all the way down, stock SUV clearance would do (a couple of low car traps - rocks). The scenery was breathtaking! Jeep Grand Cherokee Oct 23, 2011
24624 Did track on standard Dunlop ST20 tires no problem (have Yoko ATs now) Only needed 4wd coming back on a short steeper section up from beach (Prob due to tires). Easy track and negotiated rock traps easily. Well worth the trip as views are great and beach area a great walk. Nissan Xtrail Aug 24, 2011