Brindabella National Park
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Brindabella National Park is located some 30 km West of Canberra and is the most northern park within the Australian Alps. The area is criss crossed with tracks and is a must for people who love 4x4ing in the area. It is important to keep in mind that the trails are narrow and can get rather slippery in wet and frosty weather. No permits required to access Brindabella National Park. Brindabella National Park can only be accessed by 4WD vehicles and there are camping areas within the park.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
57349 Brindabella National Park Nissan Navara Apr 12, 2015
26993 Did the Mt Coree and Flea Creek 4WD, amazing views from Mt Coree and great water hole at Flea Creek for a dip. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 4, 2015
46680 done this one a few times now in both the Zook Escudo and the Prado. Took the family camping out at Flea Creek. Done the powerline trail and Mt Coree. Must say Mt Coree is definatley worth finding, the view is amazing. Suzuki Vitara Mar 26, 2014
41572 Had a few hours to kill before arriving in Canberra so on some good advice we headed out for Mount Coree. Headed up Two Sticks Rd to the sumit and came back down along Palbal Rd. Engaged low range for the last 100m in elevation to the summit as visibility was shocking. Palbal Rd had a few clay sections that were a bit slippery on the downhill a few days after it had rained. Good fun for everyone. Mitsubishi Challenger Jul 18, 2013
29186 Great drive through the forrest lots of tracks! Very slippery when raining. Helped 5 chinese girls, students from Canberra in a Barina stuck in the mud! DOH! LandRover Discovery Jul 5, 2012
28045 Up Mt Coree via Tow Stick road, first time really offroad in our new Challenger, apart from a few deeper puddles was a great track with a awesome view from the top. Came back via Blue Range and a diversion off that. Great arvo. Mitsubishi Challenger Mar 26, 2012
20790 Easy tracks with spot bogs that can be driven around if alone. Great family day out location Toyota Prado Mar 17, 2012
13220 Toyota Hilux Feb 16, 2011
13475 great day out. loadsa fun, must go again! Toyota Landcruiser Nov 3, 2010
13585 Great place to go exploring anytime of the year with any level of offroading available. Toyota Prado Sep 25, 2010
11004 Not a bad place to head out, havent managed to find anything too technical yet. mostly cause i never had recovery vehicle with me. Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 8, 2010
10798 Drove the whole Brindabella Road all the way to Tumut with a few side trips. Found Crace Lane is closed despite what Google maps says :) A few other unnamed tracks with some quite steep sections. Mostly pretty easy and close to home. Toyota Prado Apr 1, 2010
11249 Been along quiet a few tracks in here, great place to just get away and explore, some fantastic things to see. I particulaly like Bendora dam and Mt Corree. Mitsubishi Triton Mar 12, 2010
25515 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 7, 2010
5332 This area is great to explore. There is moderate to extreme tracks. Good spot to learn how to 4WD. Nissan Patrol Jul 31, 2009
2077 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 18, 2008
1961 Definately a good place to explore, even with no set plan. Get an idea of your bearings so you can find your way home again and just drive some tracks Volkswagon 4wd Oct 9, 2008
5507 Toyota Landcruiser