Montezuma Falls
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This is a excellent area of Tasmania to explore, the trail along to Montezuma Falls is through Tasmanian rainforest which is magnificent. The trail winds in from Williamsford road Williamsford, and continues onto some old tram tracks which lead directly to the falls. This should be planned as a day trip as there is no camping along the trail and no facilities at the falls. There are several river crossings and if you can take the track that leads through the spray tunnel which I think everyone will enjoy. The tracks can be quite narrow so check with the park ranger on these details and for any track closures.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
14334 Highly recommended Toyota Landcruiser Oct 5, 2019
6015 Great drive up to the waterfall , well worth it., the last creek crossing was the only hard bit of the track. Nissan Patrol Jan 4, 2015
45494 Deep in the forest nice and wet, easy drive, great falls Toyota Hilux Mar 23, 2014
130 Track was very wet with lots of flooded potholes. As it is an old railway track the base was nice and solid so despite the apparent size of a lot of the puddles or ruts they all checked out fine. We had no problem with 33" ATZs and lift and the 3 mostly stock 4wds we passed on the way out hd no trouble either. The sign at the start of the track says impassible in heavy rain and given the washed out state of the 3 creek crossings it would be very easy to get stuck if it got to wet. Took us about 1 1/4 hrs each way and generally not to demanding on vehicle or driver. Well worth the trip to see the falls in full flood. Nissan Patrol Mar 17, 2012
6520 Slow trip - 4 hours return to do 28 klms. Pot holed and bumpy between the old railway sleepers. Plenty of water encountered along the way made for a dirty truck at the end. Creek crossings reasonable shallow and easy. Very enjoyable trip would highly recommend. Toyota Hilux Jan 12, 2012
38435 Pot holed, good relaxing drive. Toyota Landcruiser Jul 10, 2011
17011 UHF 10 ! Toyota Landcruiser Mar 29, 2011
1182 Didn't make it all the way due to water gushing across track 900m short of the falls. Track currently in poor condition. Jeep Wrangler Oct 17, 2010
11015 What a great experience..My first real track & loved it. We did it in pretty wet conditions, dont know where the splash tunnel was, missed that. Entered via Melba Flats, deep holes & very bumpy but all with a solid base. Went to 25psi & only broke traction once with the GY Wrangler AT's. A few Steep creek crossings done in 1st or 2nd low to keep the blood pumping. Stay off the brake & your fine. 14km from Murchison highway took 2 hours each way, thats an average of 7Kph. Fully recomended & we did it Solo. Called out on UHF10 prior & found another group 15 mins in front, so help was at hand if needed, use ch10 for call outs often, as it is mostly one lane with few passing opportunities.. Toyota Prado Jul 3, 2010
4200 Toyota Landcruiser May 25, 2010
790 Recommended!! Take it easy if you got limited ground clearance like this L300 4wd van, it's quite bumpy most of the way with all the roots. We found the track in pretty wet conditions but didn't got bogged. Not recommended if you haven't got a (hand)winch and alone in a low SUV or van. Also don't go in something lower than my van, like a AWD (eg Subaru), you will certainly get stuck. In that case take the walking track from the NE side. The track on the map running West (highway)to East (falls) loops North back to the highway. Our first attempt was from the North side, which proved to be a bit too optimistic. Great fun, we spend all day on this loop, but had to return after hitting the long pool, about halfway on this loop pretty close to the waterfall. Anyone having good stories about crossing this pool??? It's seriously muddy for about 30 metres, with only a chicken track for bikes. Mitsubishi Express Jan 24, 2009
2368 good track. river end the harder of the sections, deep ruts and wallow holes. single lane only with bugger all passing points. too bad if you hit traffic in the wrong place Toyota Hilux Jan 4, 2009
5878 top little side track - well worth the drive out Nissan Patrol
5878 top little side track - well worth the drive out Nissan Patrol
437 Fpound this track on the way to Strahan. Unfortunately we were only able to do half the track because of track closure on the river track end. Japanese rubber necks had got stuck there the day before and the 4x4 was still bogged down. otherwise an excellent drive and magnificent falls. track can be tricky in places due to weather conditions Holden Rodeo Apr 25, 2008
116 We completed the track in a Mitsubish Triton with road tyres. The track was quite bumpy and there was some mud even though it may not have rained for several days. This track was worthwhile and we recommend it. There is a continuation track (River track) which will return you to the highway in a different location, though it was reported to be very rough with holes large enough to swallow 35" tyres and have a Patrol trayback driver worried! Toyota Hilux Jan 5, 2008
54021 Have done this track alot as i am from Rosebery. More fun coming in the back way from Ring river, will need a winch if wet or another 4x4. Toyota Hilux Nov 25, 2000