Broome to Cape Leveque
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The trek from Broome to Cape Leveque is about 220 km and usually takes around 4 and half hours. This is a popular area with much enjoyable scenery. During the Wet season some roads may be closed and care must be taken.

Comments from Bryan Kenealy

Beagle Bay church is worth a stop on the way

Photos provided by Bryan Kenealy

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47488 track just graded smooth most of the way.the fish farm at one arm point worth a look. Toyota Landcruiser Jul 19, 2015
29251 We took a shortcut to Beagle Bay from Derby, beware there is an unmarked swamp that we traversed but it appears there may be a alternate track which was apparent after we went through. Bitumen from Beagle Bay to the tip. Kollajman was a must see as well as Middle Lagoon. Road was quite corrugated from Beagle Bay to Broome. Toyota Landcruiser May 30, 2014
38435 At the tip of the Cape, the tidal currents are mind blowing. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 18, 2012
12671 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 4, 2011
9938 like a highway even after a late wet Nissan Patrol May 20, 2010
6015 Cape Leveque on the eastern side is a favorite beach, with blue water white sand and red dunes. Nissan Patrol Jan 18, 2010
5631 Ford Territory Aug 19, 2009
1635 Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 15, 2007
5367 Toyota Landcruiser