Nanga 4x4 heritage Circuit
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Approximately 130 kilometres south of Perth, and 13 kilometres south-east of the town of Dwellingup along Nanga Road, the Nanga 4x4 heritage Circuit is located on the Icy creek environmental education facility. It is a great beginners course for those who are learning.



Track is currently closed off. Not sure how long for but a gate has been erected across the start of the track and most of the other tracks on that side of the river.

by tbeamo19th of June 2011


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
56724 Only got about half way before having to head for home, keen to come back and finish it. Jeep Cherokee Mar 1, 2015
52576 Toyota Hilux Sep 29, 2013
2329 extra rutts and wash outs from last time we went a lot more fun this time sue and rons rest nice quiet campsite Toyota Landcruiser Oct 24, 2008
31669 Mitsubishi Pajero