Bullock Link Track
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Track is located in the Bunyip State Forest near Droun in Victoria.

Track starts at GPS 37 - 58.883S where it intersects with Forest Road and continues to GPS 145 - 49.168E where it meets Roberstsons Creek Fireline.   If travelled in this direction you have the option at the end of turning left and continuing along Roberstons Creek Fireline back out onto South Hells Gate Track or turning right and winding your way back to Forest Road.   Both options would be listed as medium.

Bullock Link Track is very rutted and very rocky in places.   The pictures probably explain it better than I can.

I would suggest at least some lift and if tried in the wet, muddies or similar A/T tyres.  ( Don\'t go alone, chances are you WILL get either bogged or hung up or both )


CapMud Update:
This track is extremely hard in the wet,winch and lockers will be required and expect damage,but for the well prepared great fun

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
45751 This one had been on my Bucket list for a while & seeing as it was quite a nice day after hitting Robertson's Creek fire trail the decision was made that we should give this one a crack well what a ball of fun it was, This track has it all Ruts, Mud, & rocks to climb on/over. As for the BOG Hole well that was not going to be done what so ever it was just to Bloody deep we nearly lost our test in it the Steps & Stares we a ball of fun, the Ruts in some places i was able to use the wall to drive on but then in places i would end up grading the top of the ruts. I had to winch up the big hill beside the Bog Hole but the rest was Driven. I did this one in my Tara that has 235/75 15 A/T Plus's with 40mm Lift & Front locker & winch Suzuki Vitara May 18, 2014
39651 Nissan Patrol Apr 24, 2013
37008 did the track up hill with a wrangler on 35s lockers and a 5" lift, only had to winch at the bog hole which has dried up a lot. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 10, 2013
15112 Drove from forest rd end after rains. No bypass around bogholes, winch job to get out. nice rutted climbs / rocks. Car is locked and on 35s. LandRover Range Rover Dec 3, 2011
1506 Very rutted out, required winching at one point through the bog holes, with the fog during our night drive it made it difficult to pick a good line. winch, tyres & good ground would be highly advisable Nissan Patrol Feb 13, 2010
1430 Did this track again on Boxing Day 2009 after it had reopened from the Feb 09 fires. A grader had been through semi recently and the track would now be classed as medium in the dry. Probably difficult in the wet. The ruts were a lot less severe. Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 26, 2009
2696 Very rutted out. needed to winch my way up one section about 20meters long as the wrangler on the GS-A tires just didnt have the clearance needed. Jeep Wrangler Jan 25, 2009
2387 Very good drive atm, little bit dry and the bog holes arnt too much of a challange atm, Lockers and winch still advisable Toyota Landcruiser Jan 17, 2009