Burgoyne Track
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Burgoyne Track runs between Licola Road and Black Range Road.

If you enter from Licola Road, within 200m you encounter \"The Stair Case\".  Caution should be taken as it\'s steep, the loose stones make it slippery, and then to top it off you have the steps.

Once you\'ve made that, it becomes a little easier, until you hit the Macalister River.  The river crossing was washed out in the 2007/08 floods. A new crossing has been made, but check the water depth prior to crossing. Normally 1/2 m.

There are some great camp sites next to the Macalsiter.


cptmud Update:
This track is called burgyones gap track, depending of which way you travel, chose your line on the river crossng as there are some large rocks to one side, but other wise a worth while track to drive

CapMud Update 2:
Very good drive, heading out from the McCalister river we got a stock surf down the staircase. Exit from the McCalister river is becoming very Deteriated

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
42404 The Stair case was a little tricky, looks like it’s had some maintenance. River crossing was good, still some large rocks to the right side if you’re heading away from Licola rd. Awesome track will be doing it again soon. Here is a link to a video of the river crossing heading away from Licola rd. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYsK-fSKmLE Isuzu D Max Jan 9, 2014
36771 The old staircase is as hectic as ever. Mcallister was moderate but very doable. Coming out the Thompson side is very cruisy. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 1, 2013
39493 Steep and covered with loose rocks. Nissan Patrol Nov 6, 2013
28798 done Nissan Patrol Apr 6, 2013
36771 Came in from the west (Black Range Tk), very steep loose decent down to the camping grounds. River was surprisingly lacking a lot of water so that was no trouble. Staircase was a bit loose but no issues, Licola road side is in much better condition and very well used. 2" lift was a great help on this track. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 30, 2012
5887 From Licola Rd to Macalister Gorge. Camped overnight. Then back out to Licola Rd (river was too deep to cross). Was raining almost the entire trip. Descent down staircase a little slippery from the rain and very bumpy with loose rocks. Convoy consisted Maverick (M/T & saggy springs), GU Patrol (M/T & 2"lift), GU Patrol (A/T & stock susp). I am convinced now that this section of this track can be completed in all weather. Family absolutely loved the campsite. Very remote. 2nd trip now though where the sounds of nature were drownd out by loud music unfortunately. Nissan Patrol Oct 1, 2011
10800 river too high. turned back to licola Toyota Landcruiser Jul 3, 2011
18791 As said by mg75 Nissan Patrol Jul 3, 2011
5887 Completed track on Sat & Sun (25/6-26/6) from Licola Rd to Macalister River campsite and back. River was too high to cross. Fortunately the tracks were dry and we received no rain. The staircase was looser than on my previous trip in Easter and rockier in general from recent rains and traffic. The Patrols did it easy. Nissan Patrol Jun 25, 2011
5887 Did Licola Rd to campsite and back again. Nissan Patrol Apr 27, 2011
3685 Great track! Awesome views. Nice camping areas at the bottom to choose from. River running too fast after recent rains - decided to come back another day. Enabled us to go back the track - a lot quicker going up. Toyota Prado Feb 24, 2011
3477 Track was dry. Great track with some breath taking views, we stopped at the helipad for a photoshoot. The Macalister crossing was up but we all managed it. Cant wait to do it again. Holden Jackaroo Jan 22, 2011
11541 good track river just over 1/2 meter Nissan Patrol Jan 2, 2011
1052 track has been graded is in very good order is fairly easy in the dry.. good river access at the bottom.. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 28, 2010
10372 Awesome track, steep and rocky. Just bought the Landcruiser and it was a good test. Went from the Licola road end but didn't cross the river, it was too high and didn't have a snorkel. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 23, 2010
648 This track has recently been dozed from Licola Rd down to the Macalister River. They have also fixed the crossing. Nissan Patrol Apr 11, 2010
10487 Nissan Navara Mar 25, 2010
3081 great days outing for the family during camping Toyota Landcruiser Mar 14, 2010
1430 Did this as part of the Neerim to O'Tooles Labour Day trip in 2010. Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 7, 2010
12717 Awwwwsome. Licola side of the river is broad and good condition, west side is steep and rocky and fun. Ford Maverick Jun 9, 2009
648 Excellent views from the ridge line. Well worth doing! Nissan Patrol Dec 28, 2008
774 Toyota Landcruiser Dec 28, 2008
107 Awesome track! Just required a short snatch up the staircase. Nothin the front Lokka wont fix! The river was at about 700mm deep and flowing well. Great place for camping along the river. Nissan Pathfinder Dec 28, 2008
762 Great track enter from Black Range Tk,steep downhill run with a couple of Swithbacks prior to McAllister camping area,Cross the river,advisable to check depths,then start the climb out past the helipad and up to the top ready for the run down the staircase to the blacktop Toyota Landcruiser Dec 28, 2008
2387 Very good track, exit on the mcCalaster river is deteriaring quickly Toyota Landcruiser Dec 27, 2008
11813 Good track coming from the licola end, fun climb up the ledges, worth checking the depth of the river at cheins bridge before going in,crossing can get deep if wet have at least one car with a winch LandRover Range Rover Apr 14, 2008