Bungle Bungle track
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This track is easy. It doesn\'t take 3 to 4 hours as suggested only 2. I saw a combi and a forrester driving in as i was leaving don\'t know if they made it due to a couple of creek crossings  

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
29251 Very good condition, watch out for cars coming too fast over crests and in the middle, we were forced into the side Toyota Landcruiser May 20, 2014
44865 Track was in great condition and only took 2 1/2 hours at a sensible speed. We went in at dusk and set up camp in the dark. Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 1, 2013
38435 We went at the end of the tourist season, and the track was a bit cut up because people can't set their tyre pressure properly. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 23, 2012
12671 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 15, 2011
9938 Nissan Patrol Aug 13, 2010
30524 Track in good condition Holden Colorado Jul 28, 2010
6015 Nissan Patrol Apr 20, 2009