No P1 Fire Trail
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Track goes from Balmoral Village (south of Buxton) to Tharmoor. You can do it the other way around, but it will be uphill. The road gets quiet steep as you head down to the weir, the corners on the way down are very tight and you will have to do 3-point turns to traverse them. This road is suitable for a soft-roader.

There is an abandoned building down near the weir to have a quick look at. This trip will take about 45mins to complete, but closer to an hour for a leisurely trip.


I went to have a look at this track on Saturday 2 July but it appears to be closed. There are locked gates and signs prohibiting entry at each end.

by mikeyandmary 4th July 2011

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
36379 Track is gated and locked both sides Toyota Landcruiser Jan 24, 2015
47633 Did this track yesterday arvo. Very muddy after all the rain we've had. Quite a few trees down as well although, they look to have been moved off the track a bit by others. Gate was closed at the southern end but had no pad lock. Northern gate was locked as I found out so I had to head back the other way. First decline down to the weir is fairly rutted out due to the rain. Mitsubishi Triton Apr 12, 2014
42990 Did this trail today. Easy drive mostly in 2wd, though it gets a little steep heading down to the weir. Had to turn around due to a fallen tree further along the river. Nice drive close to Sydney (south). Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 1, 2013
39999 Perfect track for first timers. Entry is thru the balmoral village from next to the fire station road. Few steep down roads with some water puddles. BMW X5 Jul 11, 2013
36379 Track was very easy but still lots of fun. No closed gates, could do the whole track in a stock vehicle with no worries Toyota Hilux May 11, 2013
10731 a lot of water on the track today, only used low to come down the hill near the weir station apart from that all H2, spent most of the time puttering along in 2nd Toyota Hilux Jan 28, 2013
31771 nice drive; saw a couple of other drivers and a group of dirtbikes. but aside from them; just the birds and rustling bushes to take in. Lovely! Subaru Forester Aug 19, 2012
27555 Very easy nice little drive through Toyota Landcruiser Jun 24, 2012
11558 nice little track, tree across track about 4.5 kms in from the Bargo River Rd end... Ford Courier Apr 15, 2012
26480 I completed this track yesterday (south to north) on my Yamaha Super Tenere, which with the heavy rain of late made it quite interesting. I would say that soft roaders would struggle getting through some of the very boggy areas. Nissan Xtrail Mar 18, 2012
23470 Did this track again with some friends. Couldn't complete the track as there is a large tree across the track approx. 1km from the wier (from the Picton end gate). Ford Escape Jan 2, 2012
23470 Did this track this afternoon. Good starting track, and stayed in 2WD throughout. Gates on either end, but both unlocked. Ford Escape Oct 30, 2011
11451 Toyota Hilux Oct 14, 2011
16971 Track closed. Locked gates at each end. There are very new looking Crown Land signs that say entry is prohibited. Mitsubishi Challenger Jul 4, 2011
20016 i went for a drive looking for this track and it is not the easiest to find as it is not signposted, in saying that i dont have a gps either but if you happen to drive past it you get a fairly moderate track back up to east road which has a lot of rocks to climb and ruts. being inexperienced i found it daunting and wished that i had found the fire trail because it is supposed to be a lot easier. seeing as i work not to far from there i might go back soon and try again. Ford Ranger Jun 27, 2011
12455 it is possible to get the patrol airborne :) Nissan Patrol Oct 9, 2010
13204 - steep in short sections - tight switch back 3-point turns - generally easy - 45min trip - some water holes - easy while wet as well Hyundai Santa Fe Oct 4, 2010
13204 - north bound - steep in short sections - tight switch back 3-point turns - generally easy - 45min trip - some water holes - easy while wet as well - did not engage 4wd at any stage..not even close Hyundai Santa Fe Oct 4, 2010
12455 Nice and easy for beginners - did a recce run at 7am and could of swore I saw the black panther disappear into the scrub Nissan Patrol Oct 4, 2010
12455 Nissan Patrol Oct 4, 2010
12401 Did this last night in the forward direction. The track is gated both sides now but where both unlocked. Nice stroll though some rugged bush, north side of the weir the track is falling apart and you can see their doing some maintenance with patches filled in and the sides are falling onto the track, lots of large rocks to dodge. A tight squeeze between the ruined pump house and stone wall. 3 point turns up the zigzag. A learner would like it. Only good if your in the area. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 29, 2010
11356 Well worth doing if in the area, I did this in reverse in 2wd. Nissan Patrol Aug 29, 2010
5537 Attempted to do it in reverse, but gated at the Tahmoor end. Toyota Hilux Jul 31, 2010
10003 Did the whole thing in 2WD and that was going up the hill from the wier after a bit of rain. Interesting wier and abandoned buildings, would only reccomend doing if you happen to be driving through the area. Daihatsu Feroza Jul 27, 2010
6093 Nissan Patrol Jul 12, 2010
10764 Track notes are contained in the track description Toyota RAV4 Jul 4, 2010
13585 Have done this track a few times. also to get a Geocache. Nice and easy. Toyota Kluger Dec 10, 2009
57668 Nissan Navara