Bunyip Ridge Track
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Track Description

We completed Bunyip Ridge Track from North to South. It slopes gently to down until there is a steep climb about 2/3 of the way through. The climb had deep ruts. After that there was a steep muddy descent and back onto the main track.

Quite a fun track and some fairly good views out over the park.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
51554 Pretty easy track, a couple of steep sections but nothing major Toyota Landcruiser Mar 9, 2015
34795 very dry with some medium to large ruts. would be a challenge in the wet, very easy in the dry. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 25, 2012
16649 Got this track just after the rain and a hothead with 38s or 40s, Very slippery and very deep ruts. Would be easy in the dry Toyota Landcruiser Jun 5, 2011
10741 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 5, 2011
14993 Very nice track, for AWD some placed the bottom of the car scratch the ground, take care Toyota RAV4 Jan 29, 2011
11385 Good track must've been re cut since the earlier posts for this track because just did it after 2 days solid rain and wasnt that rutty but some hills needed low range to climb and descend but overall the stock nav with mud boots went with ease up and down the minor steep hill. Nissan Navara Jun 15, 2010
6866 Fun steep climbs, great scenery Nissan Patrol Dec 27, 2009
1430 Tried this track today. Obviously been some rain in the area over the last few days / week. Too muddy and slippery for the Pajero today. Will be trying this one again when it is a bit drier. Walked a fair length of the track. Beautiful area and am sure that it will be a great drive. Davidman Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 6, 2008
107 Great easy drive in the dry, getting rutted after winter rain. Nissan Pathfinder
659 the track was a bit to wet today 4 my standard rodeo the steep climb was a bit to much 4 the girl Holden Rodeo May 18, 2008
485 Nissan Pathfinder Apr 25, 2008
2 The track was fairly dry and would be difficult if it was wet. If the main climb had been wet, we would not have made it in our stock Patriot. The ruts made it quite difficult to get up and we really felt the lack of clearance in the Patiot on the hill, apart from that, it is a great track. Jeep Patriot Feb 14, 2008