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The track would be medium with no rain, but we did it when it was fairly wet and the track was very slippery. We did the track heading North and the main areas of difficulty are a climb and later a fairly slippery descent. When wet this track is a difficult.

I did the track in a stock Patriot and needed to be snatched out once and got stuck in ruts on one of the climbs. The descent was very slippery. The road tyres didn\'t help, but even those with big tyres found the going interesting.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
26047 Did this track twice, once after a heavy rain and once after a moderate rain. Fairly easy with only one tricky ascend. Nissan Terrano Mar 4, 2012
17104 easy track must have been graded recently. Mitsubishi Pajero Feb 12, 2012
5928 Have spent alot of time on this track in varying weather conditions. the last time was mid 2010, dual lockers and muddys couldn't make it up steep clay hill coming from bottom of western fire track Toyota Hilux Jun 13, 2011
2 Been raining a lot over the last week, but not in the last two days. Fairly dry, bit of mud. Definitely a blue track only. Fairly good fun. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Apr 17, 2011
10155 did this track again yesterday thinking it would be a good intro for a friend of mine. this track has changed a fair bit since i visited it in feb. it would now be classed as difficult in the dry. lockers will be required or no care for damage to your car. road tyres are no good on this track Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 12, 2010
10155 Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 30, 2010
1506 Did this track at night time in thick fog, found a few steep hills that with correct wheel placement wasn't an issue Nissan Patrol Feb 13, 2010
4017 did this after 3ml of rain and traction was ok even with with a/t tires. very scenic after the fires, regrowth coming though now. recommend this track asap Suzuki Vitara Apr 11, 2009
1872 A really worthwhile track. A number of reasonably steep sections with deep ruts. No problems in the dry with correct wheel placement. Added a GSP Track file. Toyota Prado Jan 17, 2009
2696 Jeep Wrangler Jan 10, 2009
2571 Finished this track in very wet conditions from the south end. Needed good, careful wheel placements over very deep ruts. Very steep and slippery descent to finish. Toyota Hilux Dec 14, 2008
1430 Have attempted this one before, but didn't get through. Tried it again today after when it was not so wet. Still some very interesting ruts and a steep descent towards the end with some mud and still very slippery in places. Would like to try it going the other way next time, starting at the Gentle Annie Track end. Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 15, 2008
1430 Attempted this track entering from Tea Tree Road end. Made it over half way through before some of the ruts became a bit too much for the non lifted Pajero. The new tyres on the Pajeor helped a lot as even though it had been dry for a few days, there were still some very slippery areas. Will be trying this one again. Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 18, 2008
36 Great Track. Toyota Landcruiser Feb 24, 2008
107 The Inaugral 4x4 Earth trip! Sorry bout the Patriot's under belly James! Nissan Pathfinder