Bushys 4wd tracks at Coonaplyn
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Bushy\'s 4wd tracks at Coonaplyn

Lots of tracks, and huge sand hills, that some 4WD\'s still struggle with, a lot of the hills take 2-3 attempts. It has 2 Camp spots with long drops and fire pits. The owners are very friendly and take you around the property. The night drive is fun too.

It\'s close enough to Adelaide for those that don\'t want to stay the night.

This is on a private property, and the cost is $25 per car. The event can only go ahead if the temperature is around the 25 degree mark.

4WD\'s, Soft Roaders are needed for this fun. Low range gearing isn’t needed, you’ll still have fun.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
12810 Toyota Landcruiser Jul 10, 2014
29251 SA Earth Gathering Toyota Landcruiser
29251 Good weekend of fun with a group of really great people Toyota Landcruiser May 24, 2013
25634 Part of the inaugural meet in 2011 Nissan Navara Oct 20, 2012
12619 Going back Nissan Patrol Jul 16, 2011
12619 $15 for the day. Bushy shows you around coz the property is huge and you would get lost. Big sand hills, bigger than peake. And yes some will stop you, especially if you dont have lockers. It was pretty damp when we went, must be harder in dry. Closed Dec/Jan if it is hot, unless there is a cold snap. Ring him on 8571 1029. You wont be disappointed, anyone can go! Nissan Patrol Jul 16, 2011
18334 had a great day at bushys.fun and challanging sand hills.very friendly and helpful owner.will be returning to conquer some of those hills that beat us. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 12, 2011
12376 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 8, 2010
10435 Isuzu Mu Mar 7, 2010