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Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls Rd in Kakadu National Park

Drove this back in 1999 in a 97 Pajero glx petrol, I say its a moderate track due solely to the huge corrugations for a substantial amount of the track then followed by sand for last section into the campsite/carpark. The corrugations took their toll on the Pajero with two stock dampers producing and oil leak and a interior trim falling off nothing major though. The corrugations had to traversed at approximately 75 to 85 km/hr to provide the smoothest ride and best steering response. I have no idea if the track is maintained in anyway but i do remember the signage for corrugations was something like next 50 or 60 km maybe more such a long time ago...

The map is centred over the carpark/campsite and as you zoom out you will see a track above this heading nth then wst follow this back into kakadu to the bitumin at intersection -12.902697,132.629957. The gps I had back then was very basic a Garmin GPS 35 if remember right so unfortunately no trek details but its farely straight forward. Ensure you check with the Kakadu visitor centre about track conditions etc and ensure you have enough fuel and water etc etc

Standby for a couple of pics i will try to dig these up and scan them in.

The walk to the Falls is worth it but be sure to read the signage regarding Crocodiles as the walking track is at times close to thew banks of the river.. albeit the risk is purely based on a salty being washed in with seasonal flood water.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
40082 Jeep Wrangler May 27, 2013
14155 Just completed this track. The first 50km is now graded to the Garnamarr Camp and can be traversed quickly. The last 10-20km to Twin/Jim Jim Falls is slow going but not difficult. Track closing early Nov 2012 till dry again. Toyota Hilux Oct 13, 2012
7049 awesome track, only available in the dry season, it has a little bit of everything. Soft sand, rocks, creek crossing (about 40cm deep when I went)and mud. very fun. Toyota Hilux Sep 24, 2009
6015 The walk to the top of the falls is a real hike. Nissan Patrol May 20, 2009